Certero addresses new technology governance requirements & wider stakeholder adoption with latest edition of SAM & ITAM platform

New SaaS modules, dashboarding engine & addition of RESTful API feature in latest release.

February 20, 2020: Certero, the provider of hybrid technology and service solutions for ITAM and SAM, today announced the launch of Version 7 of its Unified Platform, which includes the Certero for Enterprise SAM and Certero for Enterprise ITAM products.

The new release includes major enhancements to the Certero for Cloud product, which now helps customers optimize their subscriptions and costs across a wider range of leading enterprise SaaS providers. A new powerful dashboarding and analytics interface meets the reporting needs of not only ITAM professionals, but the growing number of IT and non-IT stakeholders across the organization that can benefit from access to the insight provided by the Certero Unified Platform.

John Lunt, CEO of Certero, explained the drivers behind the Version 7 release: “As our customers diversify their technology spending on-premises and in the cloud, our priority is to help them manage and optimize their larger and more strategic investments, wherever they might be. Our customers have had direct input into which SaaS providers we added support for in Version 7. Likewise, we see an increasing frustration both within and beyond the ITAM stakeholder communities when it comes to reporting, where pre-canned and rigid reports simply don’t meet the needs of an increasingly broad user base.”

Key among the new SaaS providers supported in the latest release of Certero for Cloud is Okta, which enables customers to not only manage their Okta subscriptions and usage, but gain visibility of the usage of all other SaaS applications managed through the Okta single sign-on technology. Tableau, Slack and Wrike are among the other new SaaS products, joining existing solutions for Office 365, Salesforce and Adobe Creative Cloud.

Version 7 of the Certero Unified Platform also includes an enhanced reporting and dashboarding engine that covers all products and data on the platform. This makes it easy for different stakeholders accessing the Certero platform to build, customize and share dashboards that take full advantage of the unparalleled depth of data and insight available.

Finally, Version 7 of the Certero Unified Platform sees the introduction of a RESTful API which will make it easier to integrate data from the Certero platform into third party applications and databases.

Version 7 of the Certero Unified Platform will be available in March 2020 and customers using SaaS delivery will be updated automatically. Certero customers should visit the in-product Customer Center for more information.

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