ITSM & CMDB Integrations

Certero’s advanced discovery & inventory capabilities are ideal for populating the

CMDB & providing detailed IT asset information to any kind of IT Service Desk 

Integrate your ITSM tool with ITAM and SAM functionality from Certero

A fundamental requirement of an effective CMDB or ITSM solution is the ability to populate it with comprehensive IT asset information from across the network.  Yet the majority of CMDB implementations fail and service desk operatives are often operating blind when it comes to the assets being used by staff. 

Certero makes populating the CMDB with a wide range of Configuration Items (hardware and software assets) and providing help desk staff with access to full information on users’ IT equipment and usage a reality.    

Certero brings many benefits to your ITSM system

Accelerate problem resolution times 

Improve end user experience

Improve service desk staff productivity

Reduce the cost of service delivery

The most efficient & effective way to populate the service desk with inventory

Multi-platform inventory & discovery

From windows PCs and laptops to Unix/Linux servers, android phones to IP telephones, printers and switches, Certero finds all types of devices on the network.

Agent & Agent-less scanning

Speed up problem resolution and avoid change control challenges by using agent-less scanning. Deploy agents directly without the need for third-party distribution software.

Software normalization

Ensure all software captured in the CDMB or ITSM application is normalized for easy recognition and management.

Beyond ITSM: creating an integrated ITSM/ITAM/SAM solution

In addition to the most comprehensive IT asset discovery and inventory capabilities, the Certero Unified Platform offers advanced ITAM and SAM functionalities, which can dramatically increase your organization’s technology governance capabilities and improve the ability of your service desk staff to deliver value to the organization.  Certero’s wider capabilities include: 

Hardware Lifecycle Management – from procurement to disposal, track hardware asset status, configuration, location, usage and more.  
Software Asset Management – manage and optimize licensing for not only desktop vendors but expensive enterprise software applications
Self-Service – from password reset to populating the enterprise app-store, help users self-serve their basic IT needs  
As part of the Unified Platform, Certero offers a number of products that can enhance your ITSM and associated programs:

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Why your ITSM inventory tool is letting you down

Most discovery and inventory tools that ship as standard with ITSM tools just aren’t up to the job, with limited discovery capabilities, platform coverage, software usage metering, restrictive support of software publishers and ineffective software recognition and normalization:  

  Discover new devices  Windows  Non-Windows  Network Devices  Software Recognition  Support for Enterprise Software  Hardware Lifecycle Management  Software License Management 
ITSM inventory  ?  ?  ?  ? 
Certero   ✔ 


To truly make your ITSM solution the center of your IT operations, you need a more effective inventory solution, the ability to manage the entire lifecycle of hardware assets and the ability to manage software licensing.  All of which you get with Certero.  

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