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Ensure you are correctly licensed and only paying for what you need


Understanding what software is deployed across your business, where and if you are using it, how you are using it and if you are using it in accordance to the license grant are all critical elements of managing software within your business. Only once these elements have been addressed, can a reconciliation exercise be performed to provide an effective license position (ELP) giving you a baseline of your estate. Optimization involves overlaying the ELP with vendor specific licensing subject matter expertise to highlight options for mitigating any identified risk or cost vulnerabilities, as well as realize any additional value that may exist.

Successfully undertaking such an exercise is complex and comprises a number of elements, each of which comes with its own specific challenges. You need access to the correct tools, processes and people with the right levels of experience to deliver results.

If you are in dialogue with a specific vendor, a clear understanding of how to use your ELP and optimization information will be vital in ensuring the best outcome for your business.

Discovery, Inventory and Usage

Ensuring you discover all devices on your network is a critical first step. How do you validate that your scope of discovery represents all of your estate?

Following discovery, you need to ensure you have a comprehensive inventory of all systems, whether they be Windows, Mac or various flavors of Linux and Unix. This has to include some of the more difficult aspects such as specific hardware details and virtualization. From a software perspective, there can be thousands of items of software that need to be normalized into a consistent list of products. These are just some examples of the many aspects to inventory that need to be considered as part of a comprehensive inventory exercise.

A clear understanding of how software is actually being used and by whom is vital for licensing optimization. Hence a suitable solution must be able to identify and capture the necessary information.

ELP and Optimization

Reconciliation of all this information can be time consuming and difficult, especially if you do not have the licensing expertise at your disposal. You need to be sure that you are correctly applying your entitlement to the way you actually use software in your business. Time and again organisations proceed with the mistaken belief that all is well, only to be hit with a large non-compliance bill following a vendor audit.

Clarity On Entitlement

Your license entitlement is what you audit against in terms of your license grant. The effort involved with interpreting software license agreements should not be underestimated.

Simply locating proof of entitlement can often be a challenge, especially if, for example, there is no central managed repository for all procured licenses. But obtaining proof of entitlement is only part of the story.

Entitlement is much more than a list of products and numbers and the ability to correctly interpret complex metrics or stipulations is vital. For example, secondary use rights or the context of how you are using software can have a significant impact on your compliance position. Hence you need access to experienced and knowledgeable people who can interpret the use rights from your license agreements and translate it into what is relevant to your business.


Certero’s ELP and Optimization Services

Certero is uniquely placed to provide the right people, tools and processes within a common-sense service framework that will deliver an accurate vendor ELP and license optimization analysis. Our proven approach uses a methodology that takes organizations through the process including verification of discovery, inventory and usage metering scope, gathering of license entitlement to allow a reconciliation that also identifies opportunities to remove corporate risk and cost, whether this be budgeted or un-budgeted spend.

However, we do not just deliver a report, as we take the time to walk you through the process, highlight issues or matters of importance and ensure you have clarity and information to allow your business to make appropriate decisions and realize real business value.

Discovery, Inventory and Usage

Certero’s class-leading technology fully addresses all the requirements for effective discovery, inventory and usage metering, ensuring maximized coverage and establishment of a deep, rich and normalized inventory data set. Where necessary, inventory can be enriched with data sources from virtualization technologies and connectors to systems such as Active Directory. Usage metering data is automatically collected over time to allow longer-term assessments of software usage.

Clarity On Entitlement

Entitlement data is captured and stored in a single repository and securely managed within the Certero Management Platform. Our SAM Consultants will help interpret your license agreements to ensure you have an accurate representation of your use rights. Their experience and expertise will also identify any other usage benefits from the license grant that your organization can exploit.

ELP and Optimization

The ELP and optimization report is actually created towards the start of the service delivery. This is because, early on, our SAM Consultants will be making observations and identifying opportunities as they work through our service methodology. The report will provide clarity on where products are deployed and their usage. It will be based on facts acquired during the delivery of the service and highlight any issues, concerns or risks that may exist. Additionally, we will also report on other areas that typically include the following:

  • Commercial exposure based on suitable pricing for where there could be shortfalls, non-compliance
  • Options that may exist to deploy in a more cost efficient manner
  • Suggested mitigation actions to reduce commercial exposure and/or reduce levels of risk
  • Observed areas of risk such as unsupported software, poor processes or likelihood of a situation getting worse
  • Recommendations on such aspects as:
    • Changes to what software is deployed and where
    • Processes improvements based on observations during the engagement
  • Potential software re-harvesting opportunities
  • Suggested vendor negotiation tactics if appropriate
  • Basic observations of anything deemed noteworthy by the consultant
  • Additional vendor leverage points that may become apparent and noteworthy during the engagement


Certero’s ELP and License Optimization service is highly relevant in many business circumstances that include and go beyond the needs of software asset management. Some examples include:


Provision of a snapshot of where software is deployed, used and how it could be optimized to reduce risk and costs.


Provides key information to support strategic IT planning.


Clarity on relationships between your IT assets.


Support for business continuity planning as you obtain information on critical applications.


License migration evaluations.


Provide you with negotiation leverage with vendors.


Improve your ITIL or other business process framework where there may be gaps or omissions.


Input into budgeting and forecasting.


Mergers and acquisitions.

Data Sheet: ELP and Licensing Optimization

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