Effective License Position & Optimization Service

Professional Software Asset Management services to build & deliver ELPs, compliance positions & optimization recommendations for key software publishers.

Challenge: How to build an Effective License Position?

Whether you need to defend against a license audit or to optimize your spend with your strategic software vendors, your organization needs an Effective License Position (ELP) for each and every software publisher you invest in. From megavendors like Microsoft, Adobe, IBM, Oracle and SAP through to legacy vendors like Micro Focus and Tibco, building an ELP is the foundation for successful Software Asset Management.

Understanding your Effective License Position needs a combination of the right technology (like Certero for Enterprise SAM) and Software Asset Management skills to find, upload and interpret license entitlements, some of which could even be decades old.

Certero is in the unique position to offer the best of both worlds: the most effective solutions for discovering and inventorying all software across the network, the easiest way to upload and process license entitlement data (and work with it in-product, not in spreadsheets) and the skilled professionals to help you bring clarity to your software consumption and licensing rights, helping you reach a truly Effective License Position faster and with more accuracy.

Solution: Certero Effective License Position & Optimization Service

Certero’s ELP & Optimization service brings together the people, solutions and processes to put you in control of your software licensing. Based on industry best practices and in-line with the ISO 19770-1 standard for Software Asset Management, our consultants will guide you through the complete process of creating and realizing value from an Effective License Position for any major software publisher:

Step 1: Discovery, Inventory & Software Usage Metering

Taking advantage of Certero’s five-star Software Asset Management solutions, we’ll help you find, inventory, identify and track the usage of all relevant software across the network. Where necessary, inventory can be enriched with data sources from hypervisors and virtualization technologies and connectors to systems such as Active Directory. Usage metering data is automatically collected to help with decisions around demand for specific applications and future optimization opportunities.

Step 2: Clarity on License Entitlements

Entitlement data for the target software publisher(s) is captured and stored in a single repository and securely managed within the Certero Software Asset Management solution. Our expert licensing consultants will help interpret your license agreements to ensure you have an accurate representation of your use rights. Their experience and expertise will also identify any other usage benefits from the license grant that your organization can exploit.

Step 3: Creating the Effective License Position

Using the inventory data and license entitlement captured, our consultants work in the Certero SAM solution to create the Effective License Position, a true picture of your current software consumption versus entitlement. This will highlight potential areas of risk as well as opportunities for optimization.

Risks highlighted might include:

  • Commercial exposure based on suitable pricing for where there could be shortfalls, non-compliance
  • Unsupported software, poor processes or developing threats
  • Environmental factors that could increase likelihood of a software audit from one or more publishers

Step 4: Recommendations for Optimization

In addition to recognizing risks, our consultants will help you identify opportunities to reduce costs, improve software availability or take advantage of changes in licensing schemes. Recommendations are based on:

  • Options that may exist to deploy in a more cost-efficient manner
  • Processes improvements based on observations during the engagement
  • Potential software re-harvesting opportunities
  • Suggested vendor negotiation tactics if appropriate

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