Certero for Enterprise ITAM

Integrated IT Asset Management solution delivering full discovery & inventory across the technology estate.

From creating and maintaining an inventory baseline to supporting digital transformation goals, Certero for Enterprise ITAM has you covered

Certero for Enterprise ITAM is the easiest, fastest and most resource-efficient way to discover, inventory and manage your IT assets, from mobile to desktop, datacenter to cloud. It’s faster to implement and configure, which means you start delivering value to the organization quicker. It’s easier to use, so your total cost of ownership is lower. And it’s better at capturing and analyzing inventory data on all hardware and software, so you can do more with the insights Certero for Enterprise ITAM has to offer.

What makes Certero for Enterprise ITAM right for you?

Automatically discover new devices eliminating your IT asset blind spots Reduced time and effort deploying and maintaining the solution.
Multi-platform integrated inventory for Windows, Mac, Linux, Unix, Mobile, Cloud Provides a single view of IT assets. Reduce time and effort reporting on assets
Agent and agentless inventory scanning Reduce barriers and blockages to full inventory
Monitor application consumption Reduce software spend by identifying unused and underutilised applications
Integrated patch management Enhanced security via the remediation and reporting on Microsoft Operating System and Application vulnerabilities
Software distribution Remove unused or underutilised products – reducing software spend. Deploy software without the need for direct user engagement – provides efficient cost-effective software deployments
Discover printers, routers, switches and more True ITAM capabilities beyond computers

Ready to address your ITAM challenges?

An IT Asset Management solution built for how you use technology today – and tomorrow

Full hardware asset lifecycle management

Unrivalled speed and coverage for discovering and inventorying all hardware & software

Visibility of security risks in your IT estate

While most ITAM platforms are comprised of legacy technologies and brittle integrations, Certero for Enterprise ITAM is part of the Certero Unified Platform, taking full advantage of hyperscalable SaaS architecture and provisioning to offer a customer experience that’s second-to-none.

All Your Hardware & Software Inventory in a Single Place

Certero for Enterprise ITAM discovers and collects inventory data across all your platforms, from Windows desktops and servers to Linux and Unix servers on-premises and in the cloud, as well as Android and iOS mobile devices. What’s more, you can also discover and inventory non-PC assets like printers, routers and more.

Not only is all inventory information stored centrally, it can also be managed, viewed and analyzed in a single console. No more screen-hopping or exporting to Excel.

+ Asset Inventory Checklist:
  • Windows Desktop & Server (agent & agentless)
  • Unix & Linux servers on-premises (agent & agentless)
  • AWS & Azure (with Certero for Cloud)
  • Android and iOS (with Certero for Mobile)
  • Full hardware & software inventory
  • Automatically discover IP-addressable devices for complete asset inventory
  • Automatically creates virtual machine, host, guest and cluster relationships

Application Monitoring

Help track technology adoption, meter software usage and make informed decisions around license reharvesting with Certero for Enterprise ITAM’s in-built application monitoring.

+ App Usage Checklist:
  • Automatically monitor all deployed applications with no complicated configuration
  • Immediately identify under-used software or identify use of non-sanctioned apps
  • Retain a full 12 months of usage data for trending & analysis
  • Transform raw usage into business intelligence with reporting & dashboards

Built-in Reporting & Analytics

Certero for Enterprise ITAM includes full management reporting and customisable dashboards.  Different users can quickly create role-specific views of data.  All reports and dashboards have full drill-down capabilities.

+ ITAM Reporting Checklist:
  • Full access to both granular data and management dashboards
  • Create role-specific dashboards for users, stakeholders & executives
  • Unlimited reporting & dashboards
  • Build views to support decision-making, forecasting & what-if scenarios
  • Charts, trends and scheduled email-based reports
  • Location Maps
  • Cost based reporting
  • Report by business unit and/ or location

SaaS, On-Premise or Hybrid Provisioning: Do ITAM Your Way

Certero’s Unified Platform is provisioned quickly and painlessly either as a full SaaS solution, wholly on-premise or using a hybrid hosting model, according to your needs.  Our unique provisioning methodology reduces your implementation overheads and accelerates time to value.

+ Provisioning Checklist:
  • Hyperscalable SaaS architecture grows with your needs
  • Minimal on-premises server requirements
  • Up and running in as little as 15 minutes!

Patch Management

Minimize the administrative overhead required to keep Microsoft estate secure with integrated patch management.

+ Patch Management Checklist
  • Automate the detection and remediation of vulnerabilities
  • Automatically schedule patch installations and server reboots
  • Create different schedules for different environments
  • Integration with WSUS for easy deployment
  • Detailed patch audit reports

Software Distribution

Extend the ITAM program to the full application lifecycle with integrated software distribution capabilities that empower you to natively manage installs, removals, configuration changes and more.

+ Software Distribution checklist:
  • Support full asset lifecycle management
  • Automatic targeting based on inventory criteria
  • Works standalone or in conjunction with SCCM etc.
  • Supports out-of-hours installs and upgrades
  • Remove unused or underutilized software products

Integrated ITAM tools & services packages

If you recognize the advantages of advanced IT Asset Management but don’t have the skills or bandwidth to fully realize your goals, our expert services teams can help, with a wide range of project and managed service options tailored to your ITAM needs:

Beyond IT Asset Management – Benefits of the Certero Unified Platform:

As a key part of the Certero Unified Platform, Certero for Enterprise ITAM supports a full range of asset management goals:

  • CMDB integration & population
  • Supports financial management, cross-charging & cost recovery
  • Deep-dive information on all IT assets
  • Integrates with ITSM solution to minimize resolution times

Gartner Peer Insights Customers Choice Reviews

“So much more than an asset management tool!”

“Outstanding monitoring and reporting abilities that will immensely help with your enterprise maintenance, environment improvement, tracking and project work. Reports that manually take months, produced in minutes. ROI within months. On top of all, great customer service and support. Highly recommended.”

Gartner Peer Insights Customers Choice

“Good software and a nice company to deal with!!”

“We have used Certero for around 10 years to quickly and simply roll software out to our estate and automatically keep track of IT assets. The software is reasonably priced considering the functionality it gives us and I would definitely recommend it over it’s competitors.”

Gartner Peer Insights Customers Choice

“Powerful, yet easy to use and deploy asset management platform”

“Overall, I would describe Certero as ‘very easy: very easy initial setup and config, very easy to use, very easy to get assistance from the vendor on any aspect of the product’. Although we don’t use Certero for deployment, for that we have MS SCCM, but I’m sure that would be easy also. We use it for asset management, as an aid to procurement and SAM – all things Certero does with ease.”

Gartner Peer Insights Customers Choice

“Excellent all round”

“I have dealt with Certero for over seven years. Our organization has grown significantly since then (20,000 devices) and Certero has grown with us. The features added to their Certero for Enterprise ITAM and SAM platform are excellent and the customer service has been exemplary.”

“Great all round inventory and discovery solution”

“Great all round inventory and discovery solution that can also be used for SAM and Systems Management. Customisable widgets for data graphs. Very strong technical capabilities. Easy to generate comprehensive and detailed reports. Hardware Asset information is very detailed.”

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