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Certero is much more than a provider of world-class Software Asset Management and IT Asset Management solutions, discover more about our full range of technologies, project services and fully-managed SAM programs


Certero develops the tools you need to meet your ITAM, SAM & ITOM goals:

ITAM SAM | SaaS Management
Self-Service | Desktop Power Management

Tools + Skills On Demand

Address your skills and technology gaps with our unique blend of tools and services:

Effective License Position
Discovery and Baseline | SAM Maturity

Fully Managed Services

Let Certero take care of your full ITAM and SAM programs:

Software Asset Management

It’s time to let Certero help you get…

SAM Happy with Certero for Enterprise SAM

ITAM Happy with Certero for Enterprise ITAM

Rated #1 for SAM customer satisfaction

So much more than an asset management tool!

“Overall great product. Outstanding monitoring and reporting abilities that will immensely help with your enterprise maintenance, environment improvement, tracking and project work. Reports that manually take months are produced in minutes, with ROI in months. On top of all, great customer service and support. Highly recommended.

Gartner Peer Insights Customers Choice

Great solution, even better service!

“Certero have been a pleasure to work with. We really tested their solution and found it to be fast, intuitive and user-friendly. But more importantly, we tested Certero capabilities as a service provider. Certero proved themselves to be big enough to deal with our demands, yet flexible enough to respond quickly to meet unique requirements.

Gartner Peer Insights Customers Choice

Three years in and still happy

“Overall we are more than happy with the product and the way it has helped us with asset management and software deployment. There are a wide range of features that help in the day-to-day management of the network. We are able to get a wide range of information from both hardware and software and this is returned quickly.

Gartner Peer Insights Customers Choice

Discover a world of SAM Happy with Certero

Why our customers love Certero

Our team can help revolutionize your SAM and ITAM processes for increased speed,
efficiency and cost savings, maximizing the value of your optimizations.

End-to-End Automation

From deployment to discovery and analysis to reporting, you can automate your manual processes.

Interconnected Unified Platform

Cover all your IT assets with one login, a single, normalized data source and standardized UI and UX.

Advanced Analytics & Reporting

Analyse data inside our platform and create custom reports and dashboards for your stakeholders.

Fully Managed Services

From short-term resource to long-term partnerships, our team offer a range of SAM and ITAM services.

Technology you can trust, services you can rely on

Avoid service breakdowns or lack of accountability by selecting Certero for both solutions and services.

Software Asset Management

From mobile to desktop, data center to cloud, Certero has you covered. Helping you manage the software publishers you care about most, from the usual suspects like Microsoft, IBM, Oracle and SAP, to SaaS vendors such as Salesforce, Okta and Google.

Integrated inventory makes it easier and faster to collect, process and visualize both hardware and software audit data.

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IT Asset Management

Enhance your Technology Governance programs to discover, identify and manage all devices across all platforms: mobile, desktop, data center and cloud. Includes enterprise ITAM functionality such as app-store, patch management, deployment and vulnerability scanning.

Fully-integrated with the Certero platform, you can now manage software, licenses and hardware assets in a single UI with a single data source.

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IT Operations Management

From self-service password management to desktop power management, Certero’s ITOM solutions help keep IT efficiency high and operational costs low.

To find out more, select an option below:

  • Passworks: including enhanced security, easy-to-use self-service wizard and detailed audit trails
  • PowerStudio: including fully customized settings, policy configuration and enforcement and detailed reports


SAM & ITAM Services

Whether you want additional support for a point in time project, or need a fully managed service to cover all your SAM and ITAM challenges, Certero has you covered. Our team are all experienced practitioners with up to date licensing knowledge that spans all of your software vendors.

Underpinned by our technology, our team can help you achieve more value – faster.

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Discover a World of SAM Happy

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