SAM Maturity Assessment

SAM Maturity Assessment offers a quick, easy and cost-effective point-in-time review of the maturity level of your organization with important recommendations on how to improve your position.


There is a clear correlation between higher SAM Maturity and an improvement in licensing optimization and all the associated benefits of enhanced compliance, reduced risk, cost savings and better decision making and planning. But how do you know what your level of maturity actually is and what should your priorities be? An independent SAM Maturity Assessment by a trusted partner, with the necessary expertise, can quickly and easily help you find the answers you are looking for and establish a plan of action.


You Cannot Plan Your Journey If You Do Not Know Where You Are Starting From

SAM is a journey and identifying a clear starting position is absolutely vital in order to plan your route to success. Equally, you need clear and consistent measures in place so you can see how well you are progressing with your journey.

An Expert Co-Driver

You need a trusted, independent partner as your ideal travelling companion. Someone who has done the journey many times before, knows all the bumps, potholes and dead-ends. They will also know the fastest routes and, more crucially, understand if you are ready to take them.


Certero’s SAM Maturity Assessment

An independent SAM Maturity Assessment to identify how your SAM journey is progressing and develop a clear plan of action to keep you on the right path.

Certero will identify your SAM strengths and weaknesses, your current position and key areas for improvement. The maturity model provides a framework to help you understand where you are and what you need to do to improve the state of your SAM. Using this model, Certero can evaluate SAM effectively and objectively to determine how efficiently you are managing your software assets.

Establish A Clear Baseline To Build From and Measure Progress Against

The Certero SAM Maturity Assessment provides a point-in-time review of the maturity level of your organization with important recommendations on how to improve. We will discuss your policies and procedures, identifying and recommending ongoing improvements to lower costs, reduce risk and maximize ROI. This can be repeated at any time, to measure your progress

Clear Methodology, Measurable and Repeatable To Track Progress

Like all improvement projects and initiatives, it is important to establish a starting position via some repeatable measurement method. This is important so that any improvement can be measured and captured to show progress. The SAM Maturity Assessment exercise does exactly that, ensuring that the appropriate measurements are captured, thus, informing all on progress and also helping establish what outstanding steps are still required to enable continued development.

Simple and Straightforward Interview-Based Approach

Using a straightforward approach involving no more than four stakeholder interviews and reviewing hardware and software inventories and software entitlement records, Certero works with you to perform an analysis of your current SAM Maturity. Certero’s SAM specialists can then recommend the next steps so you can work to transition from one stage of maturity to the next.

ITIL-Aligned Using Industry Standards and Best Practice

A Certero SAM Maturity Assessment is an objective look at your SAM policies, processes and procedures to gain an understanding of your organization’s overall SAM position against the maturity model aligned with ITIL and the ISO 19770-1:2017 standard.

Independent, Impartial Advice

Certero is completely independent of software vendors, unlike IT Resellers and LARs (LSPs) we do not sell software licenses, so are in a truly unique position to offer an independent assessment of your position, with no conflict of interest.



Improve Your SAM Position and Reduce Ongoing Software Expenditure

A SAM Maturity Assessment ensures you have a very clear understanding of the areas your organization needs to prioritize in order to enhance processes and systems and thereby enjoy all the benefits of an advanced SAM program. The recommendations report will highlight how you can achieve an optimized position, delivering compliance, improved management and reduced costs.


Confirm where your organization is placed on the SAM Maturity Scale.


Understand opportunities for improvement.


Prioritize process and system enhancements and agree targets.


Facilitates development of a clear and measurable plan of action.


Track progress and easily justify on-going development.

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