Educational Services

Quick and effective training & knowledge transfer from the experts.


In certain circumstances you’ll need to ensure that key individuals within your organization have the necessary skills and knowledge required to successfully carry out specific tasks associated with effective ITAM or SAM.

You need access to the right people, with the right skills and experience, capable of imparting knowledge as clearly and effectively as possible.

Education is key to success

Ensuring your people have the right skills and knowledge, where and when needed is absolutely key to successful new technology or process adoption.

Inconsistent quality

Training can often be hit and miss. It’s essential you find a partner able to deliver 100% satisfaction on every occasion.

Different individuals have specific needs

Every individual has different needs or preferred ways of learning. Your chosen partner needs to be able to assess your particular requirements and tailor training as necessary.

Practical beats theoretical every time

Ensure trainers have the real-life practical knowledge necessary to deliver a worthwhile, meaningful training experience.


Certero Educational Services

Certero people possess unparalleled levels of practical experience in the fields of ITAM, SAM and Licensing; and nobody is better qualified to help bring your people up-to-speed quickly and effectively. To this end we offer a comprehensive range of educational services across three key areas:

  • Certero product end-user education
  • Certero product administration education
  • Subject matter education across a range of areas

Certero product end-user education

Comprehensive end-user training for each Certero product and associated modules.

Certero product administration education

Comprehensive administrator training for each Certero product and associated modules.

  • Certero Platform & System Administration (includes Acquaintia)
  • Certero for Enterprise SAM Administration
  • Certero for Cloud Administration
  • Certero for IBM Administration
  • Certero for Oracle Administration
  • Certero for SAP Application Administration
  • Certero App-Centre Administration
  • Certero Vitado Administration
  • Passworks Administration
  • PowerStudio Administration

Subject matter specifics

Knowledge transfer of information gained from years of practical experience across ITAM, SAM and Licensing, includes:

  • Principles of Software Asset Management
  • Principles of IT Asset Management
  • Mergers, Acquisitions and Divestitures Due Diligence
  • Overview of Specific Vendor Licensing (Microsoft, Oracle, IBM, SAP and/or Adobe)


 Education services from Certero delivers numerous benefits:


Learn from the experts with years of practical, first-hand experience.


Cost-effective and efficient knowledge transfer.


Covers real-life or practical examples wherever possible.


Tailored to meet specific requirements of organizations and individuals.


On-site, remote or a combination as required.


Regular follow-up and refresher sessions.