Certero Unified Platform for ITAM and SAM

Say goodbye to outdated, complicated, brittle Frankenstacks & hello to smooth SaaS implementation, out-of-the-box integration and a unified user interface

Isn’t it time you ditched your hodgepodge of steam-powered on-premises SAM & ITAM tools for a cleaner, faster and more capable single-platform cloud-based solution?  

If your SAM and ITAM teams spend more time maintaining servers, administering tools, fixing integrations between different parts of your technology stack or manually exporting and manipulating data than they do on driving value, then you’ve got a Frankenstack as your ITAM or SAM solution.  

It’ll cost you more in the long run, deliver less and could leave you exposed to unacceptable risks.  

If you care about time to value, tools capabilities and user productivity, it’s time to experience the new world of Software Asset Management and IT Asset Management with Certero’s Unified Platform.  

The Other Guys

The “Frankenstack”

Outdated on-premises technologies

Acquired technologies

Multiple user interfaces

No common platform
Separate data sources

Unreliable integrations

Challenging implementations

Higher costs, lower satisfaction


Unified Platform

Fully SaaS-enabled & cloud-ready

Enterprise level architecture
100% In-house development
One UI & admin center
One data source
Minimal onboarding & upkeep
Easy to add new functionality

Lower costs, higher success

Certero’s technology portfolio, including dedicated solutions for IT Asset Management and Software Asset Management, is the antithesis of the steam-powered Frankenstack. A true Unified Platform which is both home to every product in the growing range of technology governance solutions and fully deliverable from the cloud.

It’s a radically different approach to most ITAM technologies that means:  

No need to manually integrate your discovery solution with your license management product.  

No implementing and maintaining multiple installs or databases, no standing up multiple servers.  

No cleaning or manipulation of data from one product before it’s used by another.  

And no need to learn multiple user and administration interfaces.  

Certero: a modern solution to a modern challenge


Certero is the only developer of enterprise scale ITAM and SAM solutions to completely rearchitect its products onto a Unified SaaS Platform, completely removing the need to install, configure and maintain products locally (on-premises is available on request).

Everything you need – from discovery and inventory to advanced reporting and analytics – is right there, in a single platform.  And you can be live in minutes, not months.  

If you don’t take an option today, don’t worry. When you’re ready to mature your ITAM or SAM program, we can provision new modules in minutes.  And they’ll work the moment they’re live, with no need for professional services or worse, on-site visits.  

What’s available on the Certero Unified Platform?

The Certero Unified Platform exists to help you address some of your core Technology Governance challenges, particularly meeting your needs for IT Asset Management, Software Asset Management and IT Operations Management. Simply click on a product on the diagram below to learn more about it. 

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