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International Aerospace Manufacturer discover the sky’s the limit with Certero’s next generation ITAM and SAM solutions

A global leader in aerospace design and manufacturing, the multinational corporation was responsible for around 1,500 staff at 19 sites across Australia and New Zealand. Unhappy with their incumbent provider the organization began looking for an IT hardware and software asset management partner that they could rely on.

Company Profile

Product:      Certero for Enterprise SAM

                     Certero for Enterprise ITAM

Industry:      Manufacturing

Estate size:    1500+ devices

Locations:     Australia


Key Challenges

The aerospace manufacturer had become disillusioned with their incumbent SAM tool and the vendor that supplied it. As is typical with many incumbent products, the software was developed many years ago and had legacy technology at the heart of its architecture. The result was a clunky solution that lacked advanced levels of automation and required many highly skilled people to perform manual processes and data entry tasks to deliver any value. In addition to these limitations, the organization found their existing vendor difficult to do business with and was felt the support they received fell well below expectations, with lengthy support times and poor resolutions. Knowing that this was unacceptable they began to research the market for an alternative solution and vendor.

The aerospace manufacturer found that their incumbent tool gave them questionable data and wanted a reliable solution that could give them confidence that their IT estate was secure.

After 12 months of extensive research, the organization was impressed by Certero’s product functionality and notable support reviews on Gartner’s ‘Peer Insights’ customer review portal. After an impressive demonstration of Certero product capabilities, they chose to move forward with a Proof of Concept. They found the products to be both a cost-effective upgrade and offered far superior clarity and automation.


  • Provide a cost-effective solution
  • Easy, simple implementation process
  • Deliver advanced levels of automation
  • Comprehensive 24/7 support, 365 days a year

Solution and Approach

The aerospace manufacturer chose to take advantage of Certero’s optional proof of concept (PoC), testing the solution on a sub-section of their estate. This allowed them to gain first hand experience of the advanced levels of automation available within the Certero solution and it demonstrated that Certero was a more than viable solution for their needs.

Unable to rely on the data being produced by their incumbent tool, they required a solution that could give them detailed inventory data, including the ability to detect the status of bitlocker, which Certero were unable to do at the time. With an agile approach to development, Certero were able to work with them to build this functionality, inside the short PoC window. Impressed with Certero’s responsiveness, development agility and delivery, the aerospace manufacturer made the “easy decision” to move forward with Certero and rolled out the solution to their entire estate straight from the PoC.

This gave the organization an end-to-end solution to manage all operating systems and software applications across Windows, Mac, Unix and Linux. The Certero solution allows them to integrate with their  existing infrastructure which included a wide variety of other platforms. Giving them a true ‘single pane of glass’ view of their IT estate.

Built with advanced levels of automation, the solution allows licensing experts to carry out the work of several teams in just a few mouse clicks, by eliminating the unnecessary manual processes and data entry tasks commonly associated with market leading products. By producing outputs faster and with fewer people, they were able to deliver greater value for their businesses.

    We knew we would be able to drive significant value gains, what we didn’t expect was how fast we would be able to achieve them. I would certainly recommend Certero to any organization


    Since deploying Certero’s solutions, the organization have worked towards complete license alignment. Every week they have made more progress and were able to reduce installs of Microsoft Office, Project, Visio and Office Pro, as well as a wide range of other applications. Continuing to make savings which they simply could not have achieved with their previous tool. In addition, the advanced levels of automation in the solution ensured all of this was delivered faster, with fewer people and at a lower overall cost.

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    An intuitive self-service password reset solution that can reduce service desk calls by 30%. 

    PC Power Management solution. Save money and reduce your carbon footprint. 

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