Certero provides a completely secure SaaS solution with its ISO 27001 Certification

Certero, the leading provider of unified IT Hardware, Software and Cloud Asset Management solutions for the global IT industry, today announced it has achieved the gold standard ISO 27001 certification for information security management. Issued by Lloyd’s Register, Certero has been recognized for its commitment to providing customers with the highest levels of security for Software development and maintenance, implementation, operations and support of asset management solutions, including hosted cloud based SaaS.

“The globally recognised ISO 27001 standard sets Certero apart from other ITAM and SAM providers in the fact that customers are assured that we offer a full end to end secure SaaS solution. It shows that Certero takes security very seriously” Said John Mattinson, Director of Operations at Certero.

“The ability for us to provide our customers with the complete confidence that we deliver a complete secure end to end SaaS solution was key in highlighting yet another area where Certero is different from the other ITAM & SAM providers.  Plus, it was a natural progression from achieving our Cyber Essentials accreditation” continued Mattinson.

IT security must be meticulously managed, controlled and protected given its significant impact on both customers and products, especially with the rise of remote working. In a recent Certero survey, 44% of CIOs cited cyber security will be one of the biggest issues in the new way of working. That is why Certero has embedded Information Security as part of their culture. From the board down, Certero’s Management Processes, of which the Information Security Management System forms a part, has helped Certero be recognized not just for their leading products, but also their dedication to the customer experience.

Sarah Knowles, Chief Information Security Officer at Certero said, “Everyone understands how strategically important it was to both our customers and ourselves, that we achieved the ISO 27001 accreditation. And as a whole organization, everyone played a part to helping to achieve this, which showed just how focused we all are to achieving our vision of being recognized as the best ITAM and SAM provider.”

Certero believes the lack of providers with the ISO 27001 accreditation is another area where the ITAM and SAM market needs to change. No longer is it acceptable to provide an outdated SAM2010 approach, an approach that has not moved with the changing needs of the customer and technology. That is why Certero has taken a different path and is focused on delivering a differentiated SAM2020 solution. A solution that is unified, secure and built for the future needs of the IT industry.

“Achieving ISO 27001 certification was natural step on our mission to protect the critical infrastructure and data with the industry’s most advanced IT hardware and software asset management solutions. Now, in achieving ISO 27001 certification, existing and future clients have the confidence to collaborate with Certero for their technology solutions. All with the additional knowledge, they are dealing with an organization that has IT security at its core.” continued Mattinson.

Knowles added: “Our customers rightfully demand the highest level of data security and assurance in accordance with industry best standards and practices, and obtaining ISO 27001 certification is recognition that we are providing exactly that.”

It’s important to understand that ISO 27001 accreditation is not based on a one-off audit, but an ongoing process of continuous improvement, review, and independent assessments that validate our continuing conformance to the standard. Thus, demonstrating Certero’s commitment in taking IT security seriously not just today, but into the future as well. 


About Certero:
Certero is the leading provider of unified IT Hardware, Software and Cloud Asset Management solutions for the global IT industry. Working with customers across the North America, EMEA, and APAC regions, Certero is helping IT leaders and teams make sense of their world through the delivery of their Enterprise ready unified platform.

In 2013, Certero set out on a journey to think and do IT hardware and software asset management differently.

To challenge the traditional, outdated delivery method and give customers true unification across all their platforms, from mobile to mainframe to cloud, delivered as SasS, on-Prem or as a hybrid solution. Thus, helping customers and partners, to normalize all their IT and software data, through one single pane of glass.

With a customer first ethos, Certero has earned the trust of some of the leading global brands across the finance, manufacturing, health, retail and technology sectors, by helping IT remove the risk and complexities of their IT estate and deliver real-time, accurate data of all their assets at any given moment.

In 2019 Certero was the highest rated SAM tools vendor, awarded the Gartner Peer Insights Customers’ Choice Distinction for Software Asset Management tools.

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