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Software Asset Management (SAM)

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IT Asset Management (ITAM)

Complimented by tailored services, our mission is to provide the best solutions that work individually and holistically together, seamlessly and optimally on a single platform.

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Software Asset Management

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Software Asset Management

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Software Asset Management

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Software Asset Management

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Software Asset Management


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Business Intelligence

A Vision Realised, with the AssetStudio® V5.x Platform

At Certero thinking differently is our mantra. We like to challenge the status quo, see what is not obvious to others and look at things in a new light.  

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A perfect example of this would be the new AssetStudio® V5.x Platform, a truly unique solution by Certero designed to address the endless complexity, which breeds complexity, excessive expensive resources, untold amounts of compromises and all the associated costs that go with it.  

All of which, is a consequence of trying to somehow get disparate products to try and work together. Organisations are screaming out for a better solution, when it comes to the Certero Products, then there IS a better way.  A solution that can run Certero products stand alone or more importantly optimally and holistically together.

Just imagine, having ONE common user interface, no need to be an expert within several different systems.
Just imagine, having ALL your data and information in a single source, knowledge accessible in just a few clicks.


So, why is the AssetStudio® V5.x Platform going to revolutionise the way we do SAM?...Read the benefits below and see for yourself

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AssetStudio® V5.x Platform


Holistic solution for ALL Hardware & Software Asset Management

Now, there is a uniquely powerful solution that enables best of breed products to be run as stand-alone tools for SAM, or more importantly, optimally & holistically together, in any configuration as a seamless platform. The platform reduces the complexity of otherwise integrating and management disparate products, as this complexity breeds further complexity, cost and ultimately compromise. Click here to find out more.





One Common User Interface

Just imagine, having a single, familiar & intuitive user interface across an entire platform of solutions for SAM and much more, a modern, logical way of navigating the solution and no need to be an expert in several different systems…this significantly reduces training costs and makes for efficient day-to-day use of the platform. The increased shared staff knowledge on how to use the solutions promotes greater flexibility to draw value from the platform, and makes scaling-up to meet future requirements far quicker & easier.


AssetStudio Mac Screen.png





A Single Source of Data

Just imagine, having ALL your data and information within a single source, knowledge accessible within a few clicks. There’s no ambiguity from different tools displaying different results, no need to collate data from different sources or have to normalise it to produce reports, instead knowledge is readily accessible and can be reported upon with the integrated reporting engine Acquaintia® that spans the entire AssetStudio® V5.x Platform.






Automation & Efficiency 

Integrated modules make navigating the entire AssetStudio® V5.x Platform intuitive & efficient for users, who are able to access the information they require and perform actions in a similar way, across multiple solutions. This seamless integration also helps to promote automation and removes complexity, such as the SAM solution’s ability to dynamically maintain a real-time view of licence compliance, without having to manually prompt the solution to recalculate.


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Buy What You Need 

The flexible modular format of the AssetStudio® V5 Platform enables organisations to simply buy the solution they need today, with the assurance that they will be able to scale it up in future easily – as simple as just ‘switching on’ the new features as they need them. Being developed to be a holistic platform, the new tools will simply work immediately.




The Latest Technology, No Legacy

The entire AssetStudio® V5.x Platform is uniquely free from any old legacy technology, having been developed from the ground-up to be a comprehensive, scalable & holistic solution for today’s SAM challenges and much more. This means that the platform isn’t restricted by slow, clunky & unwieldy old technology in any way, resulting in a better user experience, lower implementation & training costs, complete flexibility to scale the solution easily and overall a commercially & technically future-proofed investment.






No Compromise

With the AssetStudio® V5.x Platform, the standard is total accuracy, not a compromising ‘it’ll do’, because a challenge is too difficult. With SAM particularly, inaccuracy results in extra cost & risk, either from over or under licensing, so now it’s possible to not settle for second best or accept added expense because a process is complex.  "It's Just a Better Experience" with Certero.





Protect Investments

A strategic investment for the protection of future investments; Customers are able to build up legacy-free capability with Certero, with no need to be reliant on legacy investments bought previously.

This way, as new challenges arise, organisations can strategically invest in new technology within the AssetStudio® V5.x Platform and the investment is future-proofed, opposed to purchasing yet another disparate solution that will add complexity and cost.

The ability of individual products on the platform to connect & work collaboratively with incumbent, 3rd party tools helps to leverage value from existing investments whilst empowering organisations with the flexibility to strategically move away from the complexity of multiple disparate toolsets.






Access to Knowledge

It’s currently estimated that on average, 70% of a SAM manager’s time is spent collating, interpreting & analysing data from various sources, leaving only 30% to actually act upon the knowledge, perform optimisation tasks and drive forward the SAM agenda within the organisation. Now, with a single, holistic source of asset information & integrated reporting transforming data into useful knowledge, managers can access the information they require in seconds






A Single Supplier & Vendor

Working with Certero & the AssetStudio® V5.x Platform reduces the need for multiple suppliers & vendors and reduces all of the resulting challenges with management, problem determination or disparity between the vendors of the technology and any services required. With Certero there is only one number to call for any support enquiries, one platform to upgrade when new enhancements & versions arrive and we offer our customers exclusive, high-quality SAM Services provided by experts in our technology – the complete package, making for a strategic investment for organisations.

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