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Leading Technology Company swaps out incumbent SAM tool for Certero’s unified ITAM and SAM solution

A leading provider of digital transformation solutions for Fortune 1000 companies, the company were facing a number of challenges with their existing Software Asset Management (SAM) tool. They required an automated, flexible solution that removed the need for data analysis in spreadsheets, allowing them to have better visibility and control of all their hardware and software assets. Certero made moving to a new SAM tool effortless, providing them with a robust tool that delivers greater business value.  


  • Extended periods of downtime due to system updates, rendering the tool inaccessible
  • Incomplete software reporting capability that resulted in use of spreadsheets and increased labor hours to generate desired reports
  • The requirement of a 3rd party tool for agent deployment and no true agentless option available for server environment
  • Limited ability to track hardware warranties

The existing legacy SAM tool, did not offer an automated agent deployment functionality and had a restrictive, inflexible reporting capability. The team were spending lengthy periods of time checking the tools deployment data and manually manipulating the data using spreadsheets. Coupled with the solutions daily downtime for maintenance and batch updates, they were continually battling against a solution that should have helped manage their IT estate.


Certero was a breath of fresh air, to see a better product and support,
offered at the same price

IT Manager 

A seamless transition

As part of a product demonstration we were able to showcase how Certero could give better control and visibility of their hardware and software estate.  Once the team were knowledgeable of what Certero could offer, they quickly moved to the Proof of Concept (PoC) which allowed them to fully test our SAM capabilities.


What sets Certero apart from the competition?

  • Enhanced network discovery and device inventory for complete visibility of their IT estate
  • Built in functionality for distribution of Certero’s agent and agentless technology, including routers, printers and switches
  • Out of the box advanced automation, removing the need for manual reporting in static worksheets
  • 99.9% uptime eliminating lengthy data maintenance windows and system lockouts

Rolling to a full Implementation took no time at all; with our built-in native discovery and agent/agentless deployment as standard, they had the confidence that they now had full visibility of all their IT estate. Plus, with a seamless connection into their SaaS solutions, they now had full visibility and control of their Office 365 environment – which they were unable to do with their previous SAM tool.

Now having confidence in their IT inventory data, the technology company were then able to utilize Certero’s built-in reporting and analytics, to visualize their data. Meaning they were able to create dynamic, reliable ELP’s, graph key business data and create alerts on important metrics all inside the solution, removing the need for laborious spreadsheets.

Lock outs due to data maintenance windows have also become a distant memory with Certero’s enterprise level architecture. Since implementing Certero’s SAM solution, the organization has benefited from accessing a greater depth of information and extracting and reporting, faster. The functionality allows them to manage time more effectively and reduce risk and costs through immediate exposure of their non-compliance and licenses.

Our aim throughout this process was to demonstrate the Certero difference and provide a solution that delivered above-and-beyond the competitor’s offerings to help them make sense of their IT world. A result that has left the client extremely happy with the confidence to do ITAM and SAM differently.

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