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What We Do

Certero helps enterprises to derive maximum value from their software and hardware assets. Our Software Asset Management (SAM) solutions and SAM Services are essential to ensure continuous licensing compliance, optimized software investments and to future-proof organisations against the risks of constantly changing technology. Our PC Power Management solution drastically reduces on-going spend on electricity from powering PC’s & Laptops with an ROI in as little as six months, establishing our status as the leading provider to the UK National Health Service (NHS). Certero also develops the Self-Service Password Reset Solution for Windows that can reduce password related calls to the service desk, freeing up valuable resources.


Certero customers come from around the globe looking for solutions to reduce their complex IT processes and costs related to Software Asset ManagementIT Asset ManagementSoftware License Optimisation, Datacenter SAM, PC Power Management and Self Service Password Reset.



The Certero Suite of solutions are deployed in a total of 32 countries and have enabled organisations in the public and private sectors to save millions through the built-in automation and modern, simple to use User Interface design within all of our solutions. Learn More Watch the Video