IBM Effective License Position & Optimization Service

Take control of your IBM software licensing & contracts with help from Certero’s SAM experts and advanced software asset management technologies.

Challenge: How to build an Effective License Position for IBM software?

If you’re spending millions on IBM software, you’ll want to optimize every penny. Where do you start? With an Effective Licensing Position (ELP): a detailed understanding of your current IBM software deployments and usage reconciled against your contracts and entitlement.

Understanding your Effective License Position for any major vendor (including Microsoft, Oracle and SAP) needs a combination of the right technology (like Certero for IBM) and Software Asset Management skills to find, upload and interpret license entitlements, which in the case of IBM can be extremely complex.

Certero is here to help you with both the most effective solutions for discovering and inventorying all IBM software across the network and the skilled professionals to help you bring clarity to your software usage and licensing rights. It’s the fastest way to build an ELP for a enterprise software publisher like IBM.

Solution: Certero Effective License Position & Optimization Service for IBM

Certero’s ELP & Optimization Service for IBM brings together the people, tools and processes to help you take control of your expensive IBM software licensing. Our SAM consultants will guide you through the complete process of creating an Effective License Position for IBM and understanding how to turn insight into optimization:
+ Step 1: Discovery, Inventory & Software Usage Metering

First, Certero will help you find, recognize and track the usage of relevant IBM applications and databases across desktop and server platforms. To do this, we use a combination of our own award-winning SAM technologies and IBM discovery capabilities as well as an import of ILMT to give you unparalleled visibility into your IBM estate.

With Certero, you enjoy:

Wider coverage of your estate – not only your server estate but also your desktop estate detecting software, which is licensed by the user-based licensing metric (this licensing metric is used widely but often not tracked as it should be). This is a distinct advantage over other SAM tools or even ILMT.

The same data an IBM auditor would have access to – don’t get caught out or surprised by data you wouldn’t otherwise know about, but could have a major impact on your audit outcome.

+ Step 2: Clarity on IBM License Entitlements

Entitlement data for IBM software is captured and stored in a single repository and securely managed within the Certero Software Asset Management solution. Certero SAM consultants then:

Ensure all your entitlement, not just Passport Advantage is factored in. We do this by looking at your contracts and your Proofs of Entitlement as well as exploring IBM software, which may be provided under IBM Managed Service contracts and other service provider contracts and IBM software provided bundled under third party contracts.

Ensure all the entitlement shows in a single place. Certero for IBM supports a vast number of IBM part numbers and a very simple method of entering the entitlements, giving you a single place for all these to be housed. This is easily interrogated using our market-leading reporting engine.

+ Step 3: Creating the Effective License Position

Using the captured inventory and license entitlement data, our consultants work in the Certero for IBM solution to create an Effective License Position, a true picture of your current software consumption versus entitlement. This will highlight potential areas of risk as well as opportunities for optimization.

With the help of Certero solution and consultants, we:

Ensure you are working IBM licensing to your advantage by correctly applying bundles and other classifications to your inventory we can expect to reduce the amount of chargeable IBM software by up to a half in extreme cases. Similarly, we’ll identify and classify Cold and Warm standby servers which can typically reduce maintenance bills by a further 5%. These are just two examples of how we can reduce potential license exposure.

Provide you with a current IBM Effective Licensing Position which can be maintained easily on an ongoing basis tracking where this changes.

Support you in mitigating risks drawing on our considerable experience in practical ways to improve our IBM licensing position. Decommissioning IBM software is only one of a number of ways of doing this. There are a number of other options and tactics which we can support you with.

+ Step 4: Recommendations for Optimization

In addition to recognizing risks, our consultants will help you identify opportunities to reduce costs, improve software availability or take advantage of changes in licensing schemes. Recommendations are based on:

  • Options that may exist to deploy in a more cost-efficient manner
  • Process improvements based on observations during the engagement
  • Potential software re-harvesting opportunities
  • Suggested vendor negotiation tactics if appropriate

Certero consultants can also provide Audit Defence services such as; an independent review in parallel with the auditor or; ratifying or contesting the auditors results either anonymously or as an extension to your team.

Similarly, we can act as a ‘third set of eyes’ on the IBM Authorised SAM Partner (IASP) initiative where organisations can elect to work with an approved ‘SAM’ partner to manage the environment. By engaging Certero you can be rest assured that any results are accurate, and any potential risk is mitigated.

Talk to a Certero SAM expert about how we can help you find your IBM Effective License Position