Oracle Effective License Position & Optimization Service

Establish your Oracle ELP & optimize your usage & entitlements with help from Certero’s global team of SAM experts.

Challenge: How to get control of your Oracle inventory & licensing?

Whether you need to respond to an Oracle license audit or you want to manage your spend with one of your most strategic software vendors, it’s vital you establish and maintain your Oracle Effective License Position (ELP). This requires the right combination of the technology (like Certero for Oracle) and Software Asset Management skills to find, upload and interpret license entitlements, some of which could even be decades old.

With Certero, you get the best of both worlds: advanced inventory, license management and reconciliation technologies matched with seasoned Oracle licensing experts who know how to advise you on achieving your goals, whether they are focused on compliance or optimization.

Solution: Creating an Oracle Effective License Position with help from Certero

+ Step 1: Discovery & Inventory

With the help of Certero technologies and consultants, we:  

Make it easy to obtain in-depth understanding of your Oracle DatabaseMiddleware and E-Business Suite environments. Using Certero for Oracle, data is presented in a logical way, from discovery to host to virtual machines to databases, instances and feature usage.   

Present the data your way by building interactive graphical dashboards with information that is useful to you and your colleagues, manipulate data into fully exportable reports by using filters and multi-value searches and build email alerts to keep track of specific items.  

Ensure accuracy: your data is always “live” with inventory schedules set to run at a time and day you set, keeping your Oracle inventory data refreshed and updating your environments.  

Trend your Oracle estate over time, including tracking where Databases or Middleware deployments have moved across virtual machines or clusters or Databases switched to and from Standby modes.  

Provide full historical dataCertero for Oracle also offers a database archiving option, so you can remove destroyed databases from live view whilst keeping a historical record which can be useful for tracking legacy data and proving where your licensing was once deployed. 

+ Step 2: Clarity on License Entitlements

Certero’s ELP for Oracle service will help you:  

Consolidate and store all of your Oracle entitlements including master agreements, order documents and maintenance renewals in one place.   

Never miss a renewal by keeping track of upcoming renewals using email alerts and management dashboards. 

Ring fence agreements using a “license pool” with a name you define and then allocate Oracle hosts and databases into the same license pool. This allows you to associate specific hosts and databases to a set of licensing and helps to understand which Oracle license belongs to which environment.  

+ Step 3: Creating the Effective License Position

Using the inventory data and license entitlement captured, our consultants work in the Certero for Oracle solution to create your Oracle Effective License Position, a true picture of your current software consumption versus entitlement.   

This will highlight potential areas of risk as well as providing supporting evidence, for example  

Assess and Identify Usage and RiskCertero for Oracle not only provides comprehensive coverage of the Database options and features which require licensingit also gives you the evidence to assess why; including the date the usage first started, when it was last used and what the triggering feature actually is.   

For example, Oracle Partitioning Option is recorded in the feature usage tables simply as “Partitioning (user)”, Certero for Oracle will tell you what those partitions are, who owns them and when they were created.  All of this data helps to make an accurate appraisal of the feature usage and, should you ever be under “official” audit, forms the backbone of the evidence to support or defend usage.  

Take control of compliance with a live Oracle compliance view (consumption against available licensing) and see immediately where your compliance risks are and what created them. Enter currency values that are specific to your company, which means your monetary risk is always accurate and does not have to reflect “list price”.   

Oracle Server Worksheets: Certero for Oracle allows you to create an excel format Oracle Server Worksheet at the click of button, this is something official Oracle auditors are highly likely to request and can take many, many hours of resource-intensive work to create manually.   

+ Step 4: Recommendations for Optimization

In addition to recognizing risks, our Oracle specialists will help you identify opportunities to reduce costs, improve software availability or take advantage of changes in licensing schemes, some examples are: 

Re-harvest and redeploy: using existing data and projected future deployment strategies we will help you to identify where licensing can be re-harvested or better deployed. 

Establish back stories and defence strategies for historical usage of deployments and help you better understand what is valid or invalid usage. 

Optimize Oracle deployments to reduce core consumption by consolidating environments whilst maintaining operational efficiency. 

Analyse entitlement clauses and documentation to make sure you fully understand all the caveats and conditions of your Oracle licensing. 

Clarify Oracle licensing policies, such as data transfer, standby, technical support and Java licensing. 

Improve SAM processes to ensure ongoing value is driven from your Oracle software estates and to manage and control them effectively. 

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