Manage Android Devices and iOS Across Your IT Ecosystem

by 27 Jun 2019

Manage Android devices and iOS across all your employees and locations, with a simple and intuitive solution for Mobile Device Management (MDM).

When it comes to mobile device management (MDM) in diverse and geographically spread IT ecosystems, you need automated solutions that enable you to manage Android devices and iOS alongside all your other hardware, software and cloud assets.

Why? Because the alternative is to have many fragmented data sources, with different data formats, that take a lot of time and manual processes to stitch together for meaningful analysis. The result is poor quality outputs that are delivered slower and at a higher cost.

With automated solutions, such as Certero for Mobile, you can digitize your manual processes to produce better quality results, faster and at a lower cost.

But why is having single pane of glass visibility, across all devices and vendors, so important?


IT Security

In recent years, organizations across the globe have experienced a variety of IT security breaches and data losses. Many of these breaches have resulted from mobile device vulnerabilities. What this means is IT security teams need to find better ways to securely manage Android devices and iOS, which must be co-ordinated with the security of other IT assets.

Today, the average employee expects to use their own mobile devices at work, giving rise to a ‘Bring Your Own Device’ (BYOD) culture. However, this culture poses serious security risks. IT teams need to enable employees to use their own personal devices, whilst at the same time keeping personal data secure and separate. But, without total visibility of the assets within your IT ecosystem, mobile device management (MDM) is almost impossible.


Mobile Device Management (MDM)

Mobile device management (MDM) is the process of monitoring, managing and securing mobile devices that are deployed across multiple mobile service providers and operating systems. As you can guess, to manage Android devices and iOS requires advanced and modern software solutions to gather the required data from across the IT ecosystem.

Mobile device management solutions offer app management and delivery for corporate and BYOD devices, as well as security features like advanced endpoint threat management and geofencing. Of course, any lost corporate device presents a significant threat to IT security, so the ability to locate, lock and wipe lost devices is critical.

As you can imagine, automating these processes is fundamentally important because IT teams cannot respond fast enough to manually implement the actions needed to ensure security. For example, geofencing, where alerts and actions have to be triggered in real-time should a device cross a specific geographic boundary.


Certero for Mobile

With Certero for Mobile, you can digitize and automate all the processes around mobile device management, helping you easily manage Android devices and iOS.

The solution sits within the Certero Management Platform and works holistically with all other Certero solutions to give you a single source of data across all your devices, from Mobile to Mainframe to Cloud, and all your vendors. Essentially, all you need to do is configure the settings that best suit your corporate policies and Certero for Mobile will automatically do the rest.

Enrollment of a large number of devices can be a laborious and time-consuming process, but Certero for Mobile enables you to mass enroll devices with a simple QR code or downloadable app. For administrators, the possibilities are vast as Certero for Mobile offers a customizable control dashboard and quick access to all the data needed to monitor and analyze all devices. This helps IT teams efficiently identify problem areas and implement solutions to safeguard the IT ecosystem. For example, IT teams can easily find a device and take action, such as locking the device or wiping its data.

Similarly, all reports within Certero for Mobile are completely customizable, so IT teams and senior managers can create bespoke reports to meet their specific needs.

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