Certero for Oracle

Oracle asset management software automates your license management processes to maintain compliance, avoid risk and prevent overspend with Oracle software

Certero for Oracle asset management software offers the highest level of automation to give you complete visibility and finger-tip control of your Oracle licensing.

Certero for Oracle asset management software is unique in its ability to cover Database, Middleware (including WebLogic Server, Oracle Coherence and Oracle SOA Suite among others) and E-Business Suite.

  • Provisioned in public or private Cloud, on-premise or any hybrid combination, with full functionality and no compromise
  • Cloud deployments can be implemented in minutes – not months – helping you meet your objectives quicker and deliver value faster than with rival solutions
  • Compile comprehensive inventories of all hardware and software assets across all platforms, from mobile to mainframe to cloud
  • Works holistically and optimally with all Certero products via the Certero Management Platform, comprising one single data source, one UI and one UX
  • Powerful, interactive and customizable reporting functionality
  • Simplifies and automates complex IT hardware and software asset management processes
  • Improves IT governance and security
  • Complimented by Certero’s range of world-class services

A Standalone Modular Solution

Certero for Oracle asset management software is able to work as a standalone solution, with no associated dependency on an existing product or integration with other products. If you are simply looking for a product which does the job, then look no further.

With separate modules covering Database, Middleware and E-Business Suite, there is no requirement for a large upfront investment; you can deploy Certero for Oracle asset management software at your own pace, as and when you need it.



Certero for Oracle asset management software’s discovery utilizes a number of different techniques to search, scan and identify both active and legacy deployments, whether Database, Middleware or E-Business Suite. These techniques result in references of Oracle instances, installation footprints and network connections and other sources being collated into a normalized list of potential Oracle targets. These are presented as a concise view of Oracle across the estate giving you a global inventory.

Oracle License Optimization

Certero for Oracle asset management software has specific Oracle product licensing rules built into the solution. For example, it appreciates complexities around product minimums and processor core multiplication factors. Where appropriate, it will provide commentary on why a view of compliance is what it is.

Understanding entitlement is critical to clarifying your overall license position. Certero for Oracle asset management software appreciates the subtleties when purchasing Oracle licenses and allows for an accurate representation of your transactions over time. For example, migrations and product replacements can be accurately represented with resultant entitlement automatically determined. It understands Oracle Unlimited License Agreement (ULA) life cycles from initial acquisition through to certification and allows you to remain in complete control throughout.

Certero for Oracle asset management software enables your business to:

  • Generate real time effective license position
  • Automatically calculate processor core factors
  • Automatically track minimums and adjust your effective license position accordingly
  • Dynamically manage named users including a unique “set and forget” approach

Automated ELP Generation

With Certero for Oracle asset management software all of the complex licensing rules, entitlements and options are automatically reconciled, quickly establishing a safe and trusted Effective License Position (ELP) and providing complete and accurate visibility should Oracle LMS request an audit.

Automated Oracle Server Worksheet (OWS)

The Oracle Server Worksheet (OSW) is a formal statement of all of the Oracle products installed within your IT estate. It is not uncommon for Oracle to ask for this to be completed as part of a licensing audit, ULA Certification, support renewal or other LMS process. Certero for Oracle asset management software automates the production process by gathering and analyzing all data prior to exporting into an Excel file. This removes the need to run resource intensive scripts or manual processes and tasks to populate the OSW.


Through out-of-the-box connectors for all major server virtualization technologies, Certero for Oracle asset management software provides an accurate view of the whole server virtualization estate. This data is linked dynamically to the operating system environments that are supporting Oracle workloads, maintaining the vital link between the Oracle instance and the virtual platform.

If there is a change to the virtualization environment Certero for Oracle asset management software will detect and update the compliance accordingly. In addition, alerts can be created to ensure that if and when something changes, the right people are made aware straight away.

An important aspect to managing Oracle licensing is what Oracle defines as hard and soft partitioning. There are specific rules for hard and soft types of virtualization partitioning and Certero for Oracle asset management software simplifies the management of this otherwise complex area.

Oracle Inventory Hardware Profile with Cores Processors Instances

Oracle Inventory

License metrics have become so complex that the ability to fully capture detailed Oracle inventory, relating to the infrastructure Oracle runs on, is critical. Inventory is not just about understanding what options are installed within a specific database instance, it is about understanding the full picture to see how this links to the guest operating system, the corresponding virtualization platforms, clustering etc. It can be a challenge ensuring that appropriate elements of software installations are inventoried correctly to retrieve information that will be needed to assess your Effective License Position (ELP).

Certero for Oracle asset management software provides a comprehensive view of the information required to enable the real-time evaluation of compliance. It provides a vital source of enriched information for product managers and administrators.

Oracle products are compatible with a wide range of platforms, including Sun Solaris, Linux, Windows, HP-UX and IBM AIX. Certero for Oracle asset management software provides comprehensive inventory for all of these platforms to ensure a single view of the estate.

Some of these added benefits of the Inventory include:

  • Evidence – justification as to why specific options have been identified as used
  • Identification and tracking of assigned server roles
  • Instance environment type
  • Visibility of parameters that have been amended from their default setting
  • Gives the organization the ability to manage changes and mitigate risk against un-budgeted costs to the business


Certero for Oracle asset management software puts you in control so you can manage and optimize your Oracle deployments ready for your next audit.


Remove the mystery of complex Oracle licensing programs, putting you in control, optimizing utilization, minimizing cost and assuring compliance


One of a only a few products available which covers Database, Middleware and E-Business Suite


Highly automated solution minimizes the need for manual intervention, improving accuracy and reducing any reliance on ineffective tools that cannot deliver, or expensive licensing consultants


Able to operate as a standalone solution with no hidden dependencies on other products or platform


Modular so you can deploy at your pace


Real time effective license positions for your software


Discover and inventory all Oracle instances across the entire estate


Certero’s solutions are all genuinely Cloud Ready Now


Enables strong governance and control of Oracle agreements that demand a higher level of management, such as licenses within ULA’s, term or for hosting purposes


Evidence to challenge audit assertions is only one click away


Helps you optimize utilization, minimize cost and assure compliance


Parameter driven BI reporting transforms all your raw data into useful knowledge, allowing you to manage all your software assets across your entire IT estate efficiently, effectively and dynamically


Works holistically and optimally with all Certero products via the Certero Management Platform, comprising one single data source, one UI and one UX. This means administrators can reach operational competency quickly and with minimal training overhead, whilst on-going support is simplified and overall costs reduced


With Certero for Oracle in your corner, you will never lose an argument with Oracle again

Certero for Oracle was extremely easy and quick to deploy. We now have full visibility of our estate across all systems, with a clear understanding of how it is actually deployed on the underlying hardware.  ELPs can be created in real-time and the easy to use reports mean that management information is readily accessible. Improved visibility, knowledge and far less reliability on manual processes puts us in a position of strength, able to optimize licensing and control costs.”

Brent Jarnell

IT Asset Manager, Products and Technology, Bank of New Zealand

Watch the Certero for Oracle video and see what it might be able to do for you.

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