PowerStudio Saves the NHS Over £3M and 20K Tonnes of Carbon Every Year

26 Apr 2016

How can you save millions and reduce carbon emissions? What is the role of PowerStudio?


Certero recently carried out a survey of our PowerStudio customers in the NHS. With over 40% of NHS Trusts now using our award winning power-saving software solution (some for many years); we wanted to get an idea as to how much we were saving the NHS, both in cash terms and carbon emissions.


The Power of PowerStudio: You can’t argue with the figures!

We based our findings on a representative sample of Trusts that equated to just under 20% of our installed base, and found that:

  • Average ROI on the project – 6.26 months
  • Average organization size – 3133 PCs
  • Average annual cost saving per organization – £56,292
  • Average annual CO2 saving per organization – 363 tonnes

Extrapolating these individual numbers out across all our NHS customers means that annually PowerStudio:

  1. Saves in excess of £3M
  2. Reduces carbon emissions by more than 20K Tonnes
  3. Manages more than 175K PCs


Worried about meeting the requirements of the Carter report?

The Carter report details a number of actions for hospitals to achieve efficiencies of 2% – 3% a year and 10% – 15% real terms cost reductions by 2021. One of the key recommendations is the creation of a Strategic estates and facilities plan by April 2017. This should include measures to invest in energy saving schemes.

Against such a backdrop the economic case for PowerStudio is very strong. So find out more.

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