10 Critical Capabilities You Need from Your SAM Services Provider

Before you procure your SAM services, you should consider these 10 critical capabilities every provider needs to offer. So what are they?

If you are looking to realize all the benefits of an advanced SAM program you will need a combination of effective technology, in the form of an advanced and modern solution or solutions, and process, in the form of SAM services delivered either by internal or external resource.

The types of SAM services you require will be determined by a number of factors, including your underlying approach to SAM and associated levels of maturity.

To help you get the absolute best SAM services for your organization, we will look at the following 10 critical capabilities:

  1. A Comprehensive Services Portfolio
  2. Tailored Managed Services
  3. Highly Automated Technology, Near Zero Manual Processes
  4. Flexible Delivery and Technology Deployment Options
  5. True Multi-Tenancy
  6. World-Class Process and People
  7. Proven Levels of Quality and Customer Satisfaction
  8. Vendor Independence
  9. Global Coverage and Support
  10. Support Your Journey to Self-Sufficiency

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