Understanding your SAM Maturity Level

7 Jun 2016 | SAM/SLO

What is a SAM Maturity Assessment?

A SAM Maturity assessment provides an organization a simple point in time view of of your software asset management (SAM) maturity level. This gives you an independent review and benchmark from which you can progress on your SAM journey.

SAM Maturity Levels

Based on the ISO framework and the SAM processes standard, ISO/IEC 19770-1, Microsoft has developed a SAM Optimization Model that seems to have been adopted in various forms across the SAM industry.

This model provides a set of criteria to make consistent SAM assessments and recommendations, and can help your organization become more agile through better use of resources, even in times of changing business conditions.

It breaks down SAM maturity into 4 areas:

  • Basic SAM – a lack of policies, procedures, resources and tools
  • Standardized SAM – information is not complete and accurate
  • Rationalized SAM – reliable information is used to manage assets to business targets
  • Optimized SAM – SAM is a strategic asset to overall business objectives

Understanding where you are on this maturity model in respect to the 4 P’s: People, Process, Products (aka tools) and Partners can be difficult without help.

SAM Maturity & Scope

Typically it will take a series of workshops to understand the scope and therefore your SAM maturity level. These will cover:

  • Overall Management – responsibility, risk management, policies & procedures, competence, awareness & training, performance & continuous improvement, service continuity and availability management
  • Core Software Asset Management – asset identification, asset control and financial management
  • Logistics Processes – requirements definition, design, evaluation, procurement, build, deployment, operation, optimization and retirement
  • Verification & Compliance – verification & audit, license compliance
  • Relationship Process – contract management, supplier management, internal business relations and outsourcing

As a result of the findings of the workshops(s) a summary report can be prepared that will outline the organization’s SAM maturity level and the steps needed to progress this further.

Need to understand your SAM maturity level?

If you would like help understanding your current SAM maturity level we offer a SAM Maturity Assessment service. Taking advantage of this service will allow you to gain a quick, easy and cost-effective point-in-time review of the maturity level of your organization with important recommendations on how to improve your position. Alternatively if you have any questions on this topic, please get in touch with Certero so we can discuss your goals.

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