PC Power Management

Reduce electricity costs and CO2 emissions, with an ROI in 4 months

The Challenge

Most green initiatives normally result in projects with an ROI measured in years if not decades; so satisfying your environmental conscience isn’t straightforward. Electricity costs are increasing continually and look set to keep rising for the foreseeable future. Wouldn’t it be great if there was a solution which could save you money on your electricity bill and at the same time boost your green credentials by reducing CO2 emissions? Then why not take a look at a really quick way to do so.

Being Green isn't always easy

Most Green initiatives tend to take many years to have any payback, but with the right PC Power Management solution, the ROI can be in the region of 4-6 months.

PC’s: a good place to start

Desktop PCs have been highlighted as one of the key targets for IT energy efficiency, with studies showing they make up 40% of your IT energy consumption.


PowerStudio from Certero. With an ROI of 4-6 months. So good it should be compulsory.

PowerStudio fully addresses the key challenges of PC power management and is ideal for enterprises, large and small, who wish to improve their environmental responsibilities as well as reduce power costs.


Works out-of-the-box with no dependencies on third party products such as Microsoft SCCM.

Minimize user disruption

By applying flexible power-saving policies organizations can remotely shutdown and wake PCs and laptops without impacting upon their users.

Benchmark efficiencies

Provides an accurate baseline figure of PC power usage to benchmark efficiencies delivered as a direct consequence of implementing Powerstudio.

Advanced reporting

Customizable dashboard and business intelligence engine – Acquaintia – includes easy-to-understand-reports and graphs, making cost, carbon, energy and time savings quick and simple to establish.




Business Benefits

  • Return on Investment in as little as 4-6 months
  • By applying centralized computer power policies organizations can prolong the life of their computers, reduce their carbon footprint and save money on electricity bills
  • Reduce CO2 and comply with Government legislation
  • Whatever your local regulations, PowerStudio will tell you how much energy you are consuming and allow you to automatically power down to reduce consumption
  • Complete solution
  • With no dependency on any third party products PowerStudio can gracefully shutdown applications and save open files when the system goes into low power states

IT benefits

  • Identify under and over utilized PCs
  • Re-harvest under-utilized hardware and software and identify over-utilized devices for replacement. Optimize your hardware and software estate
  • Improve maintenance and patching
  • Schedule machines to automatically wake up for maintenance updates and patching ensuring improved success rate
  • Easiest way to address and manage energy savings
  • Quick implementation with minimum disruption. Easy to manage with a centralized dashboard

Certero is the leading supplier of PC power management solutions to the NHS, with PowerStudio being used across hundreds of thousands of PCs leading to a dramatic reduction in electricity bills and carbon emissions. Think what we could do for your organization.

PowerStudio has been awarded two prestigious awards: the Building Better Healthcare award recognizes the power management solution’s ability to drastically reduce carbon emissions and the 2degrees award for short-term payback highlights the solution’s fast ROI.