Enterprise Software Asset Management

Optimize software utilization, ensure licensing compliance, maximize control and minimize costs with Certero's highly automated software asset management (SAM) solution.


When it comes to Software Asset Management no one understands your challenges better than Certero

Whether you’re just starting out or well on the way to implementing a SAM program, it’s essential that your chosen solution successfully addresses all the challenges of SAM. Putting you in prime place to enjoy the highly attractive benefits of compliance, cost savings, control and optimization.


Do you have a detailed inventory of your entire IT estate?

Successfully capturing, identifying and recording detailed information about the software applications deployed across your IT estate is a vital first step on the journey to successful SAM.

It isn’t just about capturing what applications are installed, the circumstances of how and where software is installed or utilized can have a significant impact on licensing cost; hence information around virtualization, CPUs, cores, clusters etc. This is vital to ensure correct licensing as well as assisting in the development of rules which can be used in order to provide automated SAM. You never know what changes may be coming down the line, so it’s absolutely vital to prepare for any circumstance and establish the broadest and most granular level of data possible.

Can you easily recognize and categorize the installed licensable software?

Captured application inventory data needs to be cleaned, removing free or non-licensable instances such as service packs and system drivers, to provide a concise view of the software products which need to be managed.

Can you automatically deploy or remove applications?

The ability to remotely manage application installs, removals, patching, configuration changes etc. is a key element of automated SAM. It may be that a user request for a particular application can be satisfied by removing and re-deploying an existing un-utilized piece of software. The ability to respond quickly to such a software request is essential.

Are you having to manage multiple SAM solutions from different providers?

Traditionally SAM tool vendors have introduced solutions which only cover a certain part of the overall SAM problem e.g. to manage licensing on Windows desktops, or optimizing Oracle licensing in the datacenter. As a consequence, many organizations have had no choice but to provision multiple solutions from multiple vendors.

All these different systems have disparate data sources, infrastructure, interfaces, resources, stakeholders etc. and no way of gaining one single view. No opportunity to start to analyze a single set of interlinked data and establish intelligence which could be so valuable to decision making and planning.

Do you have the necessary internal skills and resources?

SAM delivers numerous benefits; but many organizations don’t have the specialist skills or resources to design, implement or manage the necessary systems or processes.

Can you identify if installed software is actually being used?

If you want to be able to avoid costly over licensing and take advantage of re-deployment or re-harvesting opportunities, then the ability to capture data relating to actual usage of applications is vital.

Are you able to ensure you’re correctly licensed and only paying for what you need?

As well as ensuring compliance, one of your key goals will be to reduce costs by ensuring you’re only paying for the licenses which are actually being used. This licensing optimization is essentially delivered by taking the captured, cleaned inventory data, loading in entitlement, considering usage data, applying any contractual licensing stipulations or limitations and establishing an effective licensing position for the particular software vendor in question.

Doing this manually is a highly complex, time-consuming and costly exercise and requires scarce and skilled resource. Most of the available SAM tools claim to automate the process; however, in practice users require quite detailed training and often resort to working with consultancies or managed service providers in order to realize the benefits.

Can you enforce policies necessary to lock-down usage?

If you manage a Microsoft RDS/TS/VDI or Citrix environment, you’ll probably restrict access to software on a per-user basis. However, in certain cases, especially for Microsoft products, licensing can be on a per device basis and therefore the user restrictions are not a valid control. This in effect means that, without the correct controls in place, you have to purchase a license for every single device – even if you only have a handful of employees actually using it.

Are you able to access real-time data and instantly generate actionable intelligence?

The Certero Management Platform delivers one single data source, thereby facilitating all the associated benefits of real-time, common view, manageability etc. Certero’s comprehensive business intelligence and reporting engine – Acquaintia – gives users and decision makers the ability to access a vast array of highly granular, dynamic data which in turn facilitates improved planning, management and control. Rather than delivering a pre-defined – and hence limited – set of reports, users are able to cut and dice the data as they wish, making report generation limitless.


Enterprise Software Asset Management from Certero

Certero has years of experience in helping large and small organizations, across all sectors overcome the challenges and enjoy all the benefits of software asset management. Our highly automated solutions cover the entire IT estate, across all operating systems and work together optimally and holistically on a single platform. In a nutshell we make SAM simple.

Software Discovery and inventory

The discovery and inventory features of AssetStudio for Enterprise SAM includes all the elements essentially required to execute SAM correctly across all platforms, including Windows, Mac OSX, Unix, Linux, Android, iOS, and even mainframe (such as zLinux). No other SAM solution provider is able to match our ability to accurately capture so much information in such detail and in real-time.

If you already have an existing ITAM or software inventory solution in place, no problem: AssetStudio for Enterprise SAM has the ability to take a feed from any incumbent tool, giving you maximum flexibility.

Software recognition, normalization and cleansing

Certero’s Software Recognition Service (SRS) categorizes software products and key information pertinent to establishing entitlement (such as release dates for Microsoft products in relation to Software Assurance). The Software Recognition Database (SRDB) is updated on a daily basis by a team of people, with updates made available through the customer services portal.

Application management and distribution

The distribution feature of AssetStudio for Enterprise SAM fully supports policy-based SAM and makes it possible to manage a global network from a single desktop location.  It can fully integrate with any major third-party distribution tool, including SCCM (thereby protecting any existing investments made in packaging for example) and is also highly intuitive, meaning service desk personnel can easily use it with little or no training.

Self-service corporate app store supports policy-based SAM

Certero’s corporate app store solution – AssetStudio App-Centre – provides a self-service facility for users to secure the applications they need without the involvement of IT. AssetStudio App-Centre’s optimal integration with other Certero products, ensures that each application is combined with the correct software license, dynamically updating the Effective License Position (ELP) throughout the software lifecycle. When the software is uninstalled, the licenses can be re-harvested as appropriate and re-deployed to other users, driving efficient, cost-reducing license optimization and further automation of otherwise complex processes.

Dynamic data, limitless reporting and instant intelligence

The Certero Management Platform delivers one single, dynamic data source, thereby facilitating all the associated benefits of having access to real-time information covering all assets across the whole IT estate. Certero’s comprehensive business intelligence and reporting engine – Acquaintia – gives users and decision makers the ability to cut and dice a vast array of highly granular, dynamic data which in turn facilitates improved planning, management and control, as well as helping to optimize the delivery of business critical services. Rather than delivering a pre-defined – and hence limited – set of reports, users are able to cut and dice the data as they wish, making report generation limitless.

Software usage and metering

AssetStudio for Enterprise SAM, captures a 12-month window of application usage data; whereas other SAM toolset providers may only cover 90 days, severely limiting the ability to understand and address any seasonal trends.

Software license optimization

Certero raises the bar when it comes to SAM technology, offering proper enterprise-level solutions which perform as many activities, normally undertaken by a SAM consultant as possible. We strive to automate the activity of a SAM expert, thereby placing control in the hands of the customer. Certero SAM solutions are highly automated, consistent, accurate and repeatable.

We offer 3 licensing modules within AssetStudio for Enterprise SAM: Microsoft, Adobe and Generic. The Microsoft and Adobe modules include built-in intelligence covering the latest licensing programs (such as Adobe Creative Cloud subscriptions), deliver accurately generated ELPs and facilitate licensing optimization, via highly automated intelligence, thereby minimizing manual intervention and removing the need for licensing expertise. The Generic module enables the licensing optimization for any vendor, through the ability to add in licensing intelligence and entitlement.

Policy enforcement

AssetStudio for Enterprise SAM facilitates rules that can be used to place both device and user restrictions on the software users are able to launch, thereby aiding compliance and minimizing cost. No other dedicated SAM toolset providers have this functionality.

Certero Platform

The Certero Management Platform is a ground-breaking step towards helping you solve many of the challenges faced in the world of asset management and software licensing. Our best of breed, genuinely free from legacy, solutions run on the Certero Management Platform, meaning they can operate individually or alongside other Certero solutions; but crucially they perform optimally and holistically as one single solution: truly unique.  Using a common user interface and a single data source, the Certero Management Platform allows you to manage and report effectively across your entire IT estate, whether it be on-premises, mobile or in the cloud.

Certero SAM Services

Certero offers both a comprehensive SAM Managed Service, as well as an extensive portfolio of point-in-time solutions which address the key challenges commonly facing organizations.
Certero’s services are all delivered by our own consultants, using our own technology and processes. No other ITAM/SAM toolset vendor offers this level of capability, experience or expertise. The reason we only work with our own, Certero, technology is purely down to an inherent lack of confidence in any of the other available toolsets. We stand by our results and excellent results require excellent technology.



Numerous benefits, both tangible and intangible, are derivable from an effective SAM strategy and Certero works diligently to ensure our customers achieve maximum advantage.

Control costs

  • Mitigate under-licensing
  • Prevention of software over-deployment
  • Maximize opportunities for license re-harvesting
  • Minimize TCO
  • Better negotiating position & improved purchasing arrangements
  • Reduced hardware refresh costs

Management and productivity improvements

  • Support transformation programs
  • Better quality decision-making & long term planning
  • Improve end-to-end processes
  • Enhance user experience

Enhance compliance

  • Minimize the impact of unplanned vendor audits
  • Limit impact on resource and operations
  • Limit legal & financial exposure
  • Keep your reputation intact

Minimize security risk

  • Identify malware and unauthorized applications
  • Manage and control application access and usage

Certero AssetStudio for Enterprise SAM impressed us because of its functionally. It meets our requirements plus has many additional features which help automate our operation such as software delivery, dynamic groups and systems management integration.

Architecturally, the design meant that there weren’t any legacy issues to worry about. This was important to us as we did not want to have different modules performing different functions that needed to be separately integrated.

We now have the added confidence to know that LINPAC’s assets are being managed to derive maximum benefit to the business and we can now easily identify waste, which can be proactively removed

Vice President of I.T.

Certero’s AssetStudio for Enterprise SAM solution has had a huge impact on our internal processes for the procurement of software.

Since the overall licensing picture has become apparent we have made significant changes to reduce our software usage.

Paul Tate

IT Infrastructure Manager, Ideal Standard