Certero for Enterprise SAP Applications

Managing and automating the complex analysis of SAP licenses across your estate.

Certero for SAP Applications dramatically simplifies the process of gathering, analysing and presenting the data necessary to understand how SAP applications are really being used and whether your SAP licensing is truly optimized.  

With Certero’s software asset management solution for SAP in your corner, you will never be unprepared for a licensing conversation with SAP again. 

Automating repetitive manual tasks

Certero for SAP Applications helps you to reduce the manual effort required to assess the license position, by performing a deeper and more relevant analysis of all your deployed SAP systems and automatically consolidating the results into a single view.  

Removing the mystery and complexity of SAP licensing puts you in control of a major spend and empowers you to optimize SAP utilization, minimizcosts and assure continuous compliance. 

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Key Features of Certero for SAP Applications 

Optimize your SAP software & licensing position

Dynamic effective license positions for SAP Applicatins 

  • Certero for SAP Applications can be provisioned in public or private Cloud, on-premise or any hybrid combination, with full functionality and no compromise. 
  • Cloud deployments can be implemented in minutes – not months – helping you meet your objectives quicker and deliver value faster than you can with any rival solutions. 
  • All reporting and analysis is performed outside of SAP, removing any risk of affecting business critical systems. 
  • Works holistically and optimally with all Certero products via the Certero Unified Platform, comprising one single data source, one UI and one UX

No risk to SAP Systems

Unlike other SAP license optimization tools that must be run locally on SAP systems, Certero for SAP Applications is specifically designed to avoid the threat of disruption to your business-critical SAP investments, as nothing is installed natively.   

Instead, using SAP’s standard interface allows Certero for SAP Applications to extract all the data required safely and with no impact on the SAP systems themselves. Data Gathering can easily be scheduled to a time to fit in with your business needs without effecting the SAP systems or business functionality. 

In-depth SAP Usage & Licensing Analysis

  • Utilizing a Rule-driven, data rich approach to define the Named User licenses enables the assignment of the correct License type to each user. 
  • Owners can be defined and associated to a risk or critical action 
  • Analysis of assigned roles and authorizations to help identify potential conflicts of interest. 
  • Definition of the Rules is both simple yet provides complex definitions to help match the License type definitions in your SAP exhibits. 

In-Built SAP Licensing Reporting

  • Through our powerful, interactive and customizable reporting functionality and customisable Dashboards users can identify specific view of data. 
  • Reporting can be defined by Organization structure or locations to help with crosscharge programs 

Authorizations & Risk

  • Through our data-rich approach viewing the assigned Authorizations is quick and highly automated. 
  • Usage – role and transaction usage by user to help identify where risks and conflicts of interest may be present 
  • Violations – notification of violations allowing action or mitigation to be undertaken 
  • Risk analysis reporting helps address financial and security control challenges. The system can be set up to provide notification of violations allowing action or mitigation to be undertaken. 

With Certero for SAP Applications helping you manage your SAP investmentsyou can rest easy and safe in the knowledge that there will not be any nasty surprises in your discussions with SAP. You will never be unprepared for a licensing conversation with SAP again 

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