Salesforce License Management and Optimization

Salesforce license management and optimization solution from Certero gives you power and control over your cloud applications and their costs.


As enterprises grow they need a CRM system that will grow with them. Salesforce.com is considered to be the number one solution for enterprises, capable of being more than a simple sales and marketing tool. However, in most enterprises, Salesforce.com can be thought of like a garden without a gardener to cut the grass and prune the hedges. Typically, systems are left unmanaged and grow wild in terms of users, data records, storage consumption and so on.

With so many different tools that can be integrated from the Salesforce.com AppExchange, the potential for unmanageable complexity is enormous. Over time, many Salesforce.com applications evolve into a central system to manage finance, operations, IT, support and administration, in addition to sales and marketing. This ever-expanding complexity creates a wide range of challenges for organizations.

Below are some of the more common challenges experienced by organizations, which push up license costs and create ongoing management problems for CRM administrators:

License Overspend

Paying for unused licenses that have not been re-harvested or purchasing higher level subscriptions that are not required.

Multiple Instances

Failing to manage multiple instances of Salesforce.com due to fragmented data sets and no single pane of glass visibility.

Apps and Plugins

Cloud sprawl within Salesforce.com as a result of uncontrolled installation of apps and plugins from the AppExchange portal.

System Limitations

Exceeding Salesforce.com limits for storage, fields, APIs and more, causing temporary automation process failures.

Data Quality

Using obsolete, unsuppressed data for sales and marketing campaigns, resulting in unreliable performance metrics.

Users and Roles

Poorly configured systems that grant higher levels of access and permissions to users that should not have them.


Delivered in the cloud or on-premise, with out-of-the-box automation, a single source of granular data and advanced analytics, Certero for Cloud gives you single pane of glass visibility of your applications and full control over your cloud IT expenditure, making it the world’s most advanced and modern Cloud Asset Management solution.

Certero for Cloud’s Salesforce license management and optimization module removes all of the problems associated with administering the platform, by giving you greater power and control to optimize your licenses, users, storage, data, apps and more.

Manage & Optimize Licenses

Visibility Across All User Activity

Manage Users & their Roles

Manage All Salesforce.com Instances

Manage All Profiles, Objects & Permissions

Control Integrated Applications

Visibility of System Limitations

Identify Obsolete Data



Certero for Cloud’s Salesforce license management and optimization solution gives you the power and control you need over your cloud expenditure.


Improve visibility and governance of multiple Salesforce.com instances from one single application


Eliminate overspending on unused or oversubscribed licenses


Improve sales and marketing performance by identifying obsolete data for suppression


Safeguard automated processes to protect data integrity and business performance


Improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your CRM system and its processes


Protect access to CRM data, applications, permissions and processes across the enterprise


Automate the consolidation of user, license, role and profile data into one area


Manage all cloud applications within Certero for Cloud, on the Certero Management Platform

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