Why the Certero platform will better help you manage ALL IT assets

10 Jan 2017 | ITAM, SAM/SLO

In an earlier article we looked at why a single platform is so important when it comes to managing your IT assets. Here, we are going to look more closely as to what exactly makes the Certero Platform unique, enabling it to meet the IT asset management challenges of today and tomorrow.

The key lies in the original design of the Certero Platform when we separated out the core elements common to each solution across data, user interface, management and reporting. This ensures that we have the key functionality in one platform. Thus, underpinning the subsequent development of specific individual solutions (such as for the desktop, datacentre, mobile etc. or covering specific vendors such as Microsoft, IBM, Oracle, SAP etc.). The single platform approach also makes it simple to develop modifications, enhancements or incorporate new features as IT infrastructures continue to evolve.

Unlike other IT asset management solutions the Certero platform is legacy free. Why is legacy-free technology so important I hear you ask? Well, the legacy technology inherent and commonplace in today’s IT asset management products causes endless problems when it comes to version upgrades (time, cost, resource, integration etc.). In addition, it never really delivers a cohesive, seamless solution and consistent end-user experience. Certero technology does as it is completely legacy-free, built from the ground-up

Modular approach to maximize flexibility

Certero offers a modular approach specifically designed to be able to give customers maximum flexibility, with each element able to stand up and perform in its own right. Once a customer deploys a particular solution element, they have access to the Certero Platform. This means they can, quickly and easily, displace other technologies with complementary Certero solutions at their leisure, without high switching costs. All this coupled with ease-of-use, a common user experience, rapid uptake and enhanced reporting.

The nearest other SAM toolset vendors can do is to offer a portal solution which basically provides a single point of access, but still to multiple, disparate solutions. All this is really doing is adding another layer of complexity in order to solve the problem. In effect, writing another system to try and emulate what a SAM/ITAM Manager does. This additional layer also impedes access to the data that really matters.

automation reduces manual intervention

Automation embeds SAM expertise and reduce manual intervention

Utopia is automated SAM, policy-based SAM, the removal of manual intervention; this is Certero’s goal. Customers have two options: go with the oversell and under-delivered toolset vendors (the silver bullet) or go with the tools-agnostic consultancies who utilize manual effort and brain power. Neither is a suitable option. We sit perfectly centred to let the customer take control and reduce reliance on either tools that don’t work optimally, or specialist consultancies who are point-in-time, incredibly costly and inconsistent.

Certero raises the bar when it comes to SAM technology, offering proper enterprise-level solutions which perform as many activities, normally undertaken by a SAM consultant as possible. We strive to automate the activity of a SAM expert, thereby placing control in the hands of the customer. SAM expertise is embedded within the Certero Platform, delivering solutions which are highly automated, consistent, accurate and repeatable.

Single data source – big data

A recent IDC report (The Business Value of Software Asset Management, October 2016) highlighted how ‘companies are increasingly relying on the use of big data to drive competitive differentiation, thereby having clear visibility into the locations of data sources, regardless of time and location to ensure that corporate data is both easily accessible and properly secured, which is becoming more and more critical to the business.’

Again here, Certero is perfectly on point, with the Certero Platform delivering one single data source, thereby facilitating all the associated benefits of real-time, common view, manageability etc.

Certero’s comprehensive business intelligence and reporting engine – Acquantia – gives users and decision makers the ability to cut and dice a vast array of highly granular, dynamic data which in turn facilitates improved planning, management and control, as well as helping to optimize the delivery of business critical services.

So, if you are looking at a single platform to manage all your IT assets, why not make having a look at the Certero Platform your New Year’s resolution.


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