Technology or Service - What’s the fastest route to Software Asset Management success?

There can be many triggers that force stakeholders to realize that it’s time to invest in driving Software Asset Management success.

Maybe you’re being audited (or worried that you might be), maybe you need to support a digital transformation or application migration project, or maybe you’ve finally decided that technology spending needs to be optimized and better governed.

Whatever the business driver, the fundamental choices for Software Asset Management success are the same:

  • do you go it alone and onboard the staff and technologies you need,
  • do you outsource the problem to a services partner,
  • or a combination of both?

Of course, in reality the devil is in the detail and setting yourself up for SAM success is much more difficult than the simple choices outlined above.

If you’re either embarking on a SAM program for the first time, or looking to achieve higher levels of success than you’ve managed to date, this guide will help you make the right choice for your organization, your current situation and your program goals.

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