Technology or Service?

What’s the fastest route to Software Asset Management success?

Whether you’re facing a software audit or want to take a proactive stance on optimizing license and subscription costs across major vendors, you have a range of options for how to achieve your Software Asset Management goals.

This free guide explores the four most common approaches and will help you decide what’s best for you:

  1. Buying a SAM tool for internal use
  2. Buying a SAM tool and contracting external services help
  3. Contracting a SAM service built on a third-party SAM tool
  4. Contracting a SAM service built on proprietary technology

Our experts investigate the pros and cons of each approach, together with their top tips for avoiding common gotchas that could lead to disappointment.

Make the right decision and get SAM Happy by taking five minutes to read our guide

Who is Certero

Certero is the highest-scoring “Customer’s Choice” SAM tools vendor on Gartner Peer Insights for product capabilities, ease of implementation and customer service. The Certero Unified Platform for SAM and ITAM combined with a hybrid technology and services solutions approach enables us to help customers meet their evolving technology governance challenges.