Data Center Asset Management Software, Without Fragmented Data Sets or Manual Processes

12 Jul 2019

Robin Cronan, Marketing Director, Certero


Data Center Asset Management software is essential to optimizing licenses and applications across IBM, SAP and Oracle ecosystems, yet many tools leave enterprises struggling to realize any value from their processes.

The reason is a fundamental lack of automation and interconnectedness across Data Center Asset Management software tools. This is a result of architectural restrictions arising from legacy technology. Much of the Data Center Asset Management software available on the market today were developed years ago. Instead of continuously developing these tools to keep pace with the modern world, vendors have extended their products with acquisitions and bolt-on modifications.

However, this does not address the issues of legacy. As a result, tools contain patchwork architecture with fragmented data sources and incomplete data sets. This limits the levels of automation these tools can offer, which forces users to perform manual processes to derive basic outputs. These manual processes slow down delivery, increase the risk of human error and drive up delivery costs. Ultimately, this stops enterprises realizing any value from their Data Center asset management processes.

Does this sound familiar? Well now there is a new generation of solutions that have come to the rescue.


Out with the Old…

Antiquated tools and error-prone methodologies are being superseded by advanced and modern solutions that deliver the highest possible levels of automation. For example, imagine completing an audit of 10,000 Data Center assets in minutes with just a few mouse clicks, instead of spending weeks on a project that is out of date by the time you’ve finished. Imagine at the same time your new solution instantly spots new assets and those that are missing or moved. Even better, the data is captured, updated in real-time and stored a single source, with advanced analytical capabilities and dynamic, bespoke reporting.

Sound like a pipe dream? Too good to be true? Well it’s not. Today this is only possible with Data Center Asset Management software, covering vendors such as IBM, SAP and Oracle, from global market-leader – Certero. The bottom line benefit is huge efficiency gains, faster delivery of outputs, better quality data, more complete data sets, dramatically reduced costs and, ultimately, greater optimization of datacenter assets and licenses.

With Certero, you have the world’s most advanced and modern ITAM, SAM and CAM solutions that cover all devices and key vendors, with a single source of data, single pane of glass view, one UI/UX and advanced analytical tools with dynamic, customizable reporting. With a unique Architectural Advantage, which is completely free from legacy limitations, we can provide all of our solutions as SaaS (public or private cloud), on-premise or any hybrid configuration – with full functionality and zero compromise. As a result of our Architectural Advantage, we can provide the highest levels of automation ever seen across ITAM, SAM and CAM processes. What this means is Certero can help you gain added-value older tool vendors simply cannot match.

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