International Drinks Manufacturer

One of the world’s largest drinks manufacturer implements innovative SAM solution, Certero for Enterprise SAM

One of the world’s largest drinks manufacturers, with a portfolio of more than 200 brands and labels. Producing and marketing internationally recognized spirits and wines, this customer employs nearly 6,000 people and sells its products in over 160 countries.

The Challenge

Ahead of the upcoming renewal of its Microsoft Enterprise Agreement covering more than 7,500 devices with hosted and outsourced systems and multiple virtualisation platforms, the customer needed a solution that would provide a comprehensive view of its inventory and compliance position. The customer was already using SCCM for desktop inventory; so it was essential that any complementary solution would provide visibility of the server estate and could connect with, and use, the information fed from the desktops to SCCM. Prior to selecting Certero, the customer had considered an alternative SAM vendor before discovering the major technology and consultancy benefits of working with Certero.

Products purchased by International Drinks Manufacturer

All products work optimally and holistically on the Certero Management Platform.


The Solution

Following a successful POC (proof of concept), the decision was taken to deploy Certero for Enterprise SAM solution.

The key objective was to use the solution alongside the incumbent ITAM tool, SCCM, to capture inventory data of Microsoft software and establish an ELP (Effective License Position). With capture of server inventory a requirement, it was essential to have agent-less deployment and – with the solution deploying within a matter of a few days – a view of the  licensing position across both desktop and server estates was quickly obtained.

Utilising connectors to SCCM – which inventoried desktops on the company domain – connecting into various virtualised environments and launching a network discovery, Certero for Enterprise SAM reconciled its own data with that from Active Directory and SCCM to identify and address any gaps in hardware and software inventory. This provided a full and comprehensive view of all hardware and software deployed across the entire estate. At the same time Certero’s consultants demonstrated a supportive, responsive and knowledgeable approach to ensure that the customer was successfully up and running and able to get the most from the solution.

Product features highlighted by International Drinks Manufacturer

  • Fast and easy to deploy
  • Choice between agent or agent-less deployment
  • Easy integration with SCCM to utilise existing desktop inventory data
  • Accuracy and ease of generating ELPs
  • Single, straightforward user interface
  • Automated license position
  • Single data source and finger-tip access to information and reports

“The key requirement for us was to have a clear hardware and software view which we received with Certero in less than four weeks. Certero for Enterprise SAM provides us with a clear understanding of our inventory across servers and works effortlessly with SCCM. Improved visibility of our Microsoft licenses provides us with the knowledge to know whether we are compliant, with the ELP in Certero for Enterprise SAM checking against the Microsoft baseline review. The automated license position available in Certero for Enterprise SAM enables us to continue reviewing and managing our position going forward”

International Drinks Manufacturer

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