The Benefits of a Corporate App Store

by 20 May 2016

What are the benefits of a corporate app store?


A corporate app store will provide many benefits to your organization for example: the end user, the IT dept. and the organization as a whole.


How do End Users Benefit from a Corporate App Store?

Without a corporate app store the requisitioning and approval of new software can be a frustrating and time-consuming activity for the end user. From the actual approval process through to having to go through different routes if the app is for mobile or desktop, the whole task can be onerous and off-putting.

By providing an automated end-to-end process, it gives the end user visibility of ongoing software requests.  All activities are carried out within one portal simplifying the process of requesting, status checking and delivery of software.

As well as automating and speeding up this process a corporate app store effectively delegates choice to the end users in your organization allowing them to increase their productivity.


Does a Corporate App Store Benefit the IT Department?

The IT department will benefit from a corporate app store in two ways. Firstly, the greater control and insight it will provide, and secondly by being freed up from routine software installation tasks.

A corporate app store will also help prevent the growth of shadow IT by providing all the software that an employee requires from one central, easily manageable point. This will then save time on having to clear up the mess caused by the installation of unauthorized software.

Finally, it will also provide greater visibility for the IT department as it will be able to demonstrate its value and offerings side by side with external cloud or app providers.


What Benefits does a Corporate App Store Provide to Organizations?

The organizational benefits of a corporate app store fall into three main categories: reduced software cost, decreased risk and enhanced security.

  • Reduced Software Costs – By centralizing the management and distribution of software through an app store, it will mean that you have all the usage and licensing information to hand that will enable you to negotiate better deals with your software vendors.
  • Decreased Risk – With software vendors becoming increasingly aggressive on the compliance front, it is vital that you have a full and complete understanding of your license position across all software types. For applications the app store provides, it will ensure deployment and use is tracked at all stages of the software lifecycle.
  • Enhanced Security – Forrester reckon that 60% of organizations now support personally-owned devices, which makes security harder to manage. A corporate app store means that all approved software and other digital assets are managed and accessed from one central place, ensuring employees can only see and download the software they are allowed to

To read more about this, why not download the white paper – Implementing a Corporate App Store.

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