Software acquisition – how can it go wrong?

14 Dec 2016 | SAM/SLO

The process your organization has for software acquisition is a vital part of your SAM program. Many organizations fail to realize this and as this task occurs at the start of good SAM, any issues created here will ultimately be amplified along the way.

So, how can software acquisition go wrong, surely it is not that complex and anyway won’t the implications of getting it wrong be minimal, so exactly what are the issues?

Software acquisition issues

Well firstly, many organizations now have volume license agreements that give them a preferential price for specified products. As a result, any software should be purchased via this route and no other. While this may have been easy to enforce a few years ago, now this is not the case.

App-stores enable anyone to find, download and install software quickly and easily. While this may be the same functional software as that covered under the previously mentioned volume licensing agreement, it is not covered by that agreement.

Furthermore, although software may be acquired under the right agreement it may be purchased from the wrong reseller, leading to further problems when you come to reconcile entitlement.

Deployment considerations

Once you have actually bought the software, further issues can arise with regard as to how it is deployed. Firstly, the wrong version could be deployed. This can lead to compliance issues with regard to your licensing agreement and use rights and can ultimately cause you to be non-compliant.

In addition, the software can be deployed to the wrong device. This can cause major non-compliance problems if you have software that is licensed per device rather than user, as is the case with many Microsoft products.

Process is the key to preventing software acquisition problems

Good SAM consists of people, processes and technology and as a result, software acquisition problems can be overcome with the right processes. By ensuring that people know how they have to acquire software and who is required to sign it off, you can prevent many of the problems outlined above.

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