The power of a single platform

The power of a single platform:

As IT infrastructures have continued to develop and increase in complexity over time, so have the challenges of managing the associated hardware and software assets. Successfully addressing these challenges required new solutions which in turn tended to be introduced and adopted sequentially. As a consequence, many organizations have had no choice but to provision multiple solutions from multiple vendors. All these different systems have disparate data sources, infrastructure, interfaces, resources, stakeholders and no way of gaining one single view: all resulting in massive cost and confusion. There is also no opportunity to even start to analyze a single set of interlinked data and establish intelligence which could be so valuable to decision making and planning.

Download the white paper to understand how a single platform can overcome these challenges, by harnessing a single dynamic data source, common user interface and powerful reporting and business intelligence engine to provide a future-proofed, end-to-end real time view of all IT assets across the organization.

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