Oracle License Optimization 

A Guide for Software Asset Management Professionals

Oracle License Optimization: A Guide for Software Asset Management Professionals
Oracle licensing is notoriously complex. Oracle is consistently one of the vendors most likely to audit you and with Oracle software being easily available to just download and use, organizations can often find themselves with unknown or unauthorized instances on their estate.

This has led to many organizations needing to proactively drive Oracle license optimization in order to control cost, minimize risk, deliver value and also have the necessary information available in the event of an audit.

With Oracle having hundreds of different products across many different platforms, effective implementation of an optimization strategy presents a significant challenge. For many organizations there are only two options: procure an automated software asset management tool for Oracle (like Certero for Oracle) or hire a trusted partner to provide ongoing support and optimization solutions.

If you want a step-by-step guide to help you develop your own Oracle license optimization strategy, download a copy of our white paper. 

Who is Certero

Certero is the highest-scoring “Customer’s Choice” SAM tools vendor on Gartner Peer Insights for product capabilities, ease of implementation and customer service. The Certero Unified Platform for SAM and ITAM combined with a hybrid technology and services solutions approach enables us to help customers meet their evolving technology governance challenges.

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