Digitization and Automation: A Guide to Accelerating Digital Transformation Change Programs

Digital Transformation is a widely discussed, but little understood topic. What many people refer to as Digital Transformation is actually Digitization. So, what is it?

In a nutshell, Digital Transformation is a profound strategic change in an organization’s activities, processes, competencies and models. It is done specifically to take advantage of new opportunities offered by a mix of digital technologies, which are accelerating fundamental changes across society and industry.

Typically, the key drivers/goals are end-to-end customer experience optimization, operational flexibility, innovation and development of new revenue sources.

The pursuit of these objectives almost always leads to business model transformations and new forms of digital processes. However, before these changes can be implemented, organizations must lay the foundations. This is likely to involve solving challenges around legacy systems and manual processes.

Present and future shifts and changes can create an urgency for faster deployment of Digital Transformation strategies. The need for acceleration can be caused by changes in a wide range of factors, often occurring simultaneously, such as:

  • Customer behaviour and expectations
  • New economic realities and forces
  • Societal shifts
  • Ecosystem/industry disruption
  • Emerging or existing technologies

Digital Transformation is more successful when viewed as a journey, with a staged approach and clear roadmap. The roadmap becomes more realistic and likely to deliver successful results when organizations accept that end goals will continually shift and change. As a result of these ever-shifting goals, accelerating Digital Transformation change programs is extremely challenging and a source of great frustration and expense for C-Suite Executives.

However, in this white paper we will explore the four critical elements of Digital Transformation, why speed is important for success and how to digitize and automate ITAM, SAM and CAM processes for faster, more efficient and cost-effective delivery of data outputs – enabling the acceleration of Digital Transformation change programs.

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