Enterprise App Store

Self-service solution that enables your users to efficiently browse, request and receive the software they need in minutes




How long does it take your organization to complete an end-user request for a new piece of software? It sounds simple, but actually consists of many inter linked processes, systems, stakeholders and layers of approval. So in reality it probably takes much longer, and costs much more than you could imagine. The problem is that today’s tech-savvy employees are used to instantly accessing what they need, when they want it; they simply won’t accept anything less. So it’s absolutely essential that organizations are able to match user expectation. Of course it isn’t just about end-user satisfaction; imagine the cost and productivity improvements which could be achieved with a highly automated solution.

Efficiency and flexibility with no loss of control

What if you could enable users to efficiently browse, request and receive the software they need in minutes, whilst at the same time maintaining management and control? Do you really want your new highly-paid Project Manager sitting at their desk twiddling their thumbs because they’re waiting for Microsoft Project to be installed on their PC?

Automation drives huge cost savings

Think of the massive operational, productivity, service provision and cost saving benefits that could be achieved by having a highly automated solution. Imagine if the whole process – from the initial request, through to the user actually having the software installed and ready to use – could be managed automatically and seamlessly.


Certero App-Centre

An out of the box self-service solution for the users to secure the applications they need, when and where, without the involvement of IT.

Modernizing the way IT delivers software

Certero App-Centre modernizes the way IT delivers software. A familiar user interface presents users with the software they require and a fast and controlled means to receive it immediately, eliminating a lack of productivity while they wait for the software they need.

Fully customizable self-service portal

Users are able to select the most appropriate software for their role, self-managing installs or de-installs. Administrators can extend software policy into the user realm without losing control.

Flexible deployment

Certero App-Centre utilizes the Certero distribution tool or can integrate with Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM), leveraging the software deployment capabilities to deliver each application quickly and reliably.

Integration with any ITSM or SAM tool

Certero App-Centre is able to integrate with any ITSM or SAM tool enabling you to enjoy all the benefits whilst protecting existing investments.

Simple approval process

Certero App-Centre provides an intelligence-base to ensure that only relevant requests are automatically emailed to the appropriate business managers for approval, according to the user and the application required. An administrator can select the appropriate type of approval for each application individually or as a list.

Increase productivity, enhance end-user satisfaction, maintain control

Certero App-Centre provides a powerful, fully-automated software delivery process for organizations that want to significantly increase customer satisfaction and business productivity. At the same time control of software usage is maintained to ensure adherence to software strategy and license compliance.

Powerful, dynamic reporting

Certero App-Centre features Certero’s powerful, in-built reporting engine, Acquaintia, that provides the ability to report easily on software requests, approvals, installations and purchases.

Optimize licensing and maintain compliance

Certero App-Centre works on the Certero Management Platform and integrates optimally with other products within Certero’s suite of hardware & software asset management products. Certero Management Platform’s single data source and common user interface delivers a vastly superior management experience. Deployed applications are combined with the correct software license, dynamically updating the Effective License Position (ELP) and maintaining compliance throughout the software lifecycle. When the software is uninstalled, the licenses can be re-harvested as appropriate and re-deployed to other users, driving efficient, cost-reducing license optimization and further automation of otherwise complex processes.




Reduce IT support costs


Control and standardize software deployed across complex enterprise environments


Improve productivity


Increase responsiveness to IT services requests


Empower users to help themselves, anywhere, anytime


Gain real-time business intelligence on software requests and deployments

Why you should be looking at implementing an enterprise app store?