User self service password reset

Improve productivity, reduce service desk calls and enhance-user satisfaction


Password re-set requests account for 10-30% of help desk calls, with each request costing $50- $140 in labor costs. How much is it costing your organization?

Time costs money

Imagine one of your employees has been working into the night on a vital report which needs to be on the CEO’s desk by morning. Just as they’re approaching the closing straight, they stop for a quick coffee break. On returning, they find they’ve been locked out and need to log back on. Try as they may they can’t remember their password and, as it’s out of hours, the Service Desk is closed. Result: missed deadline, unhappy employee and very unhappy CEO.  Any delay in responding to a password re-set request – which is exacerbated outside standard working hours – has a knock-on adverse impact on the productivity of the affected user and in certain situations could significantly affect the organization.

Efficiency drives savings

Imagine being able to allow users to reset their passwords, by themselves, safely and securely, potentially saving you thousands in held desk costs.

Put skills to good use and improve morale

With password reset requests accounting for as much as 30% of help desk calls, can you imagine how demoralizing it must be for the staff involved? Highly trained, expensive, experienced employees having to undertake routine and menial tasks. End-users frustrated because their password reset request has been put to the bottom of the pile in favour of a more stimulating ticket? Surely a self service solution makes logical sense.


Passworks from Certero

Enable users to reset their Windows Active Directory passwords safely and securely; saving thousands of dollars on associated help desk costs and lost productivity

Simple to set up

Works straight out of the box, straightforward to set up.

Secure self reset

Using a simple challenge/response technique of users picking and answering a series of questions, users can securely reset their Active Directory password without having to contact your service desk.

Easy to use

Passworks operates on the Certero Management Platform and shares one single, familiar user interface. This makes the user experience straight forward and minimizes the need for training or support.

Easy to configure

Administrators can define user registration and reset policies, configure alerting options and manage, deploy and configure the Passworks Client all from a simple to use Web console.


Passworks comes with numerous language options built in as standard, making it perfect for organizations with international operations.

Enables unified end-point management

  • Passworks operates on the Certero Platform
  • Either standalone or integrated optimally and holistically with other Certero solutions such as AssetStudio for Enterprise SAM
  • Access to all the information needed to manage assets in use across the entire estate.


Reduce calls to the service desk and improve service to your users.
Save support staff’s time, free-up valuable resources and maintain end-user productivity.
Maintain an audit trail and alert users and / or administrators when password resets occur.
Ensure availability of password-reset service to users 24/7.
Users can reset passwords from their own machines – no need to use another device.

Save thousands of pounds by avoiding calls to the service desk and the associated labor costs, typically $50 – $140 per request.

Report and compare the number of times passwords are reset either as self-service or by an administrator.
Comply with government programmes such as Government Code of Connection (CoCo).
Easy integration with any service desk tool.

Birmingham and Solihull Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust reduce password related calls to help desk by more than 50% with Passworks implementation.

“It was easy to implement and we didn’t even have to specify the questions, as we used the 20 sample ones that came with the product…

Our users are now not inconvenienced whenever they have password problems and can quickly and easily reset it themselves.”

Mark Cooper

Senior ICT Support Technician, Birmingham & Solihull Mental Health NHS Foundation