Managing Mobile Devices

A comprehensive EMM solution delivering all the benefits of mobility safely and securely




Mobility brings huge benefits but requires careful management

The way we access information and communicate with each other has been revolutionized by smartphones and tablets. Most organizations are now looking to embrace the power of these devices in order to improve their productivity and be better placed to face future challenges. A key part of achieving this is ‘Bring Your Own Device’ (BYOD), which is now an accepted part of corporate IT strategy. To meet this growing demand, organizations require an Enterprise Mobile Management (EMM) solution to control their physical assets and ensure users have access to the resources required for their job. Such a solution must maintain security and privacy, with potentially sensitive information reaching far beyond the traditional corporate domain.

Selecting the right solution is difficult in a developing market

EMM is a developing market, with new solutions being introduced almost daily. Identifying the right one to meet your needs is a challenge in its own right.

Mobile Device Management issues

Mobile Device Management (MDM) deals with the deployment, securing, monitoring, integrating, and management of mobile devices in the workplace. The intent of MDM is to optimize the functionality and security of mobile devices with the enterprise, whilst simultaneously protecting the corporate network. Key considerations include:

  • Which devices are supported: iOS, Android?
  • Easy enrollment and configuration
  • Ability to differentiate between corporate and BYOD devices, and manage accordingly
  • Protection afforded in the event that a corporate device is stolen or goes missing
  • Measures to control the movement of valuable devices in vulnerable locations, such as iPads used in schools or hospitals
  • Ability to identify if a device has been unlocked or hacked (jailbroken or rooted) and therefore is vulnerable to damaging malware

Personal device used for work

Since modern IT services and solutions have made it possible for data to be stored on mobile devices, it’s easy for employees to access corporate information. As such, many workers have adopted the use of personal devices for work-related activities as they prefer carrying a single device. But on the flipside, such devices are not under full IT control and risk of data loss is inevitable.

Application management issues

Mobile Application Management (MAM) covers the delivery and administration of enterprise software to end users’ corporate and personal mobile devices. Key considerations include:

  • Easy distribution, update and maintenance of corporate applications to end users
  • Security and controlling access to sensitive applications, such as price lists
  • Ability to manage and control access to publicly available applications
  • Management of licenses purchased through VPP (Apple’s Volume Purchase Program), ensuring applications can be uninstalled remotely and made available for re-use as necessary


AssetStudio Vitado from Certero, one of the most cost-effective EMM products available

AssetStudio Vitado, part of Certero’s suite of comprehensive IT hardware & software asset management solutions, is one of the most cost-effective EMM products available and helps to maintain security, visibility and control of your organization’s mobile assets from smartphones to tablets. AssetStudio Vitado is simple to administer, has minimal impact on end users, and covers all the key challenges associated with Android and iOS devices.

Enrollment and inventory

  • Rapid mass enrollment via QR codes
  • Easy self-enrollment via a downloadable app
  • Apple DEP
  • Android for Work
  • Detailed up-to-date inventory of all enrolled device information, such as:
    • manufacturer
    • model
    • phone number
    • carrier
    • IMEI
    • installed app
    • enrolled users

Improved user experience

  • Minimal battery consumption
  • No noticeable impact on device performance
  • No instability with devices freezing and/or crashing
  • No interference with other apps

Application management

  • Corporate app-store
  • Public app-store – manage approved list of apps for easy download
  • Integrates with Apple Volume Purchase Program (VPP)
  • License compliance – monitor app usage and re-harvest unused apps

Setup and configuration

  • Remote configuration of Wi-Fi, VPN
  • Enforce device restrictions
  • Setup password policies
  • Supports both corporate and BYOD policies

Enables unified end-point management

Security and compliance

  • Remotely wipe and disable lost or stolen devices
  • Detect jailbroken and rooted devices
  • Supports Geofencing
  • Create flexible and strong password policies
  • Enables by default secure ‘Certificate Pinning’
  • Ability to blacklist apps



One of the most cost-effective EMM products available


Secure, easy to use solution


Enforce secure password policies


Delivers accurate inventory of enrolled mobile devices


Covers the major mobile device operating systems


Easy and fast customization of configurations

BYOD is here to stay. Certero can help you enjoy all the productivity, and end user experience and satisfaction benefits whilst ensuring your organization stays secure and in control.

Watch the video to find out how AssetStudio Vitado, the highly cost-effective EMM solution, ensures control is maintained and risk is minimized, whilst giving users the access and flexibility they need.