Cloud Asset Management

Deliver all the transformational benefits of the Cloud whilst protecting your organization from Shadow IT, Cloud Sprawl & Bill Shock.

The Challenge

Ensure your Cloud strategy delivers all the benefits and minimizes any pain

The advent of the Cloud offers many advantages and it is estimated that over 80% of IT budgets will be committed to Cloud apps and solutions by mid-2018. However with such a high proportion of costs assigned to the Cloud, it is essential that organizations are fully in control.

The particular challenges of managing Cloud license metrics necessitate an alternative approach, quite distinct from that traditionally applied to manage on-premises licensing models. Trying to piggy-back a Cloud license management solution on top of one specifically designed to manage an on-premises license challenge just isn’t appropriate. They are very different and, as such, need different solutions. It is not a generic, one-size-fits-all, scenario.

Do you have visibility of Cloud uptake across your organization?

The ease with which business units can now access SaaS, PaaS and IaaS can create visibility, awareness and control issues for IT departments. This gap between what IT managers think they know about their IT estate and what is actually true, increases risk and cost.

Can you easily gain a single centralized view of your Cloud coverage?

Different SaaS vendors and Public Cloud providers have their own portals, making it difficult to access a consolidated view across your Cloud estate.

How can you successfully plan any future Cloud migrations?

Careful planning is needed to ensure that any migration to the Cloud is undertaken for the right reasons and avoid any unexpected shocks. To be successful, such planning has to be based on detailed, accurate and current information. With SaaS subscriptions often creating multi-year financial commitments, it is critical to select the right subscription level for each user at the time of migration. This can only be done with component-level, usage-focused visibility across all users in the environment, to know whether an application is truly needed. Similarly, for PaaS and IaaS migrations, it is essential to understand any licensing impact of moving software from an on-prem to Cloud-based environment.

Do you know what is actually being used, how, where and by whom?

The Cloud creates new challenges from a licensing management perspective. Whilst concerns around compliance may be reduced, they don’t go away completely. The main focus moves to optimization and understanding which applications are being used, when, how, and by whom.

Do you struggle to gain easy access to your Cloud subscription data?

Access to Cloud provider portals is often limited to just a single administrator, creating a bottleneck and inhibiting the ability for decision-makers to access or share valuable information.

Can you access and analyze the data you need?

Cloud portals themselves are still embryonic, hence have limited functionality and lack the ability to report on or analyse data in order to get a better insight into cost or usage.

Are you paying for what you actually need?

In the on-prem world the burden is on the software vendor to ensure customers are paying for what they’re using. But in the Cloud world the burden shifts and the onus is on the customer to ensure that actually need what they’re paying for.

SaaS portals tend to only show subscription entitlement and allocation, rather than actual usage. This lack of visibility means that organizations struggle to identify non- and under-utilization.

The Solution

Cloud Asset Management from Certero

Traditional SAM vendors have designed solutions to manage on-premises licensing models. Now these same vendors are trying to extend that approach to accommodate the complexities of Cloud. Certero firmly believes that the particular challenges of the Cloud necessitate an alternative approach, quite distinct from SAM. We call this Cloud Asset Management (or CAM).

Effective CAM is able to account properly for all the nuances of ‘usage’ and ensure that organizations are fully in control and only paying for what they really need.

Gain an accurate understanding of your entire Cloud estate

  • Gain expanded access to subscription data within SaaS, PaaS and IaaS portals, overcoming bottlenecks and increasing visibility for decision makers across the organization.
  • Discovery of key SaaS applications in use across the organization, regardless of which department purchased the subscription.
  • Virtual machine discovery across Public Cloud vendors, including full inventory of software components running in each environment.
  • Accurately capture usage data covering key SaaS applications and PaaS/IaaS environments.

Ensure you are only paying for what you need

  • Identify and assist reassignment of duplicate or unused SaaS subscriptions.
  • Ensure assignment of the most cost-effective subscription level for each user.
  • Proactively manage and negotiate SaaS agreement renewals.
  • Role and responsibility based access for IaaS or PaaS environment ensures effective governance and cost control.

Improve decision making and planning

  • Access to detailed usage data across all users in the environment will confirm actual application requirements.
  • Visibility and intelligence relating to software utilisation within an existing on-prem environment aids identification of potential licensing issues associated with potential PaaS or IaaS migrations.

Generate the information and intelligence required to support business decision-making

  • Advanced analytics and reporting enables an improved understanding and insight into subscription/usage data held within SaaS, PaaS and IaaS portals.
  • Access deep, component-level utilization metrics on key SaaS applications in use.
  • Generate a consolidated view of all applications, environment and device usage across on-premises, Public and Private Clouds and mobile.
  • Highlight risks associated with software usage in Public Cloud environments.

Why Certero for CAM?

  • Certero’s highly automated AssetStudio for Cloud is simple and quick to deploy, delivering rapid, accurate, consistent, repeatable results.
  • Minimizes manual intervention, reduces requirement for costly services, ensures value for money.
  • Services delivered by Certero’s own highly-skilled SAM, CAM and licensing consultants, expert in the technology and with years of practical experience helping customers achieve licensing excellence.
  • If your driver is ultimately to become self-sufficient, you can do so safe in the knowledge that you’re already using familiar, proven technology.


Cloud Asset Management (CAM) delivers numerous benefits, including:


Accurate discovery, inventory and consumption tracking of applications delivered in the Cloud.


Precise and granular insight into IaaS, PaaS and SaaS usage, across your organization, regardless of who is using or paying for them.


Accurate, complete view of investments and their usage across the whole IT estate enables better budgeting, forecasting and cost allocation.


Overcome the limitations of Cloud portals, by providing access to a single centralized view with expanded access to data and improved analysis and reporting.


Information from the Cloud can be combined with that for on-prem deployment, thereby providing a complete end-to-end view of your IT infrastructure.


Access all the information needed to ensure a successful migration to the Cloud, safe in the knowledge that any subsequent investment will be properly managed to deliver maximum value at minimum cost.

Find out about Certero’s CAM solution AssetStudio for Cloud