SAM Managed Services

A SAM Managed Service from Certero provides you with the expertise and technology to realize your license management & technology governance goals.

Challenge: How do you overcome skills & technology gaps to deliver effective SAM?

Whether you need to manage your software license compliance for strategic vendors, optimize spend on key applications and platforms or introduce new cost management initiatives such as cross-charging and self-service, effective Software Asset Management is critical.

But finding and hiring good SAM specialists is difficult, slow and expensive.

Certero helps organizations of all shapes and sizes achieve their goals through the delivery of full or partial SAM Managed Services, tailored to the individual needs of the organization.

Need to keep track of your on-going Oracle license use, risk and optimizations?

No problem.

Want to take a long-term view of your strategic software publishers?

We can help.

Having trouble filling skills gaps in your existing Software Asset Mamangement team?

We’ve got people for that. 

Whatever your Software Asset Management challenge, from creating a SAM program for the very first time to providing short or long-term specialist SAM resources, Certero has a range of managed service options that will fit your needs.

Why is a managed service from Certero is different?

Unlike many SAM services which are delivered by sizeable teams of unskilled data processors and presentation-makers more aligned to ‘SAM 2010’, Certero adopts a ‘SAM 2020’ approach of using its own intelligent technology to reliably and efficiently undertake the heavy lifting. This drives predictable consistency, assured quality, speed and less surprises or mistakes. Better results from smaller teams, every time.

Solution: SAM Managed Services from Certero

Call it SAM (Software Asset Management) or call it SLM (Software License Management), you can tailor the solution to meet the needs and goals of your business. The way in which Certero deliver its SAM Managed Services means that whether for the shorter or longer term, you can select the right service components for your needs today, and even adapt the scope of a SAM Managed Service as your needs change over time. A truly agile managed service offering, all underpinned with world class resources and the best, most advanced and capable technology available.

Popular SAM Managed Service components that address key challenges include:

Discovery & Inventory

The foundation for effective SAM and SLM. During the managed service, our team and technologies will ensure there are no gaps or hidden risks on your network and that your SAM program is based on 100% visibility of relevant software consumption across all platforms.

Continual Effective License Positions and Optimizations

A blend of the best technology with its high levels of automation, and our world class software licensing subject matter expertise, ensure you are always informed on the effective license position of your key vendors, see in near-real time when risks occur and the mitigation options available and get clear visibility of the information needed to plan for renewals and true-ups. Including this service component within a Certero SAM Managed Service will put you in the best position to both manage compliance risks and optimize the use and cost of your deployed software.

Licensing Help Desk

A license and contract advisory service giving you access to Certero specialists in all the major software publishers’ licensing schemes.

SAM Maturity

The ideal service component for those looking to baseline their current capabilities, and have a clear plan to reach their target level of SAM maturity, with the right level of support from Certero throughout the SAM Managed Service.

Vendor Audit Defence

An ‘insurance policy’ built right into the SAM Managed Service giving you the reassurance that, in the event a vendor in scope of the managed service initiates an audit, Certero are there to help, guide and support you right from the start of the process.

Education and Training

Built into the managed service, we ensure your team receive the training they need to get the best out of the Certero solution.

The Benefits of a SAM Managed Service from Certero

Technology included

No need to provision any technologies to support the managed service. Everything our consultants need is provided by Certero.  

Full SaaS option

You don’t need to even deploy SAM technology on-premises, Certero can run everything in the cloud. 

Save on hiring specialist skills

Having software licensing specialists available on-demand presents a significant saving over hiring expensive (and hard to find) licensing specialists.

Build your ideal SAM team

Create an effective virtual SAM ‘dream team’ by complementing in-house skills with additional skills from Certero.

Rapid ROI

No SAM Manage Service can provide a return on your investment as efficiently as one from Certero. This is because of our ‘SAM 2020’ capabilities of superior technology and class leading professionals who have the experience of implementing and operating a broad range of SAM Managed Services.

Guaranteed Satisfaction

Once we have agreed the goals of a services engagement, our teams will not rest until we have delivered full customer success.

Ready to learn more about a SAM managed service from Certero?