SAM Managed Services

SAM Managed Services deliver all the benefits of Software Asset Management (SAM) whatever your circumstances.


SAM Managed Services deliver maximum gain with minimum pain

The benefits of an effective SAM strategy are immense, from enhanced compliance and reduced risk through to savings and process improvement. However, getting there takes time, planning and specialist skills. So what do organizations do if they want all the benefits, but do not have the internal resources to implement or manage a fully-fledged license management program? Well, it is all about finding a trusted SAM Managed Services partner – like Certero.

Every Organization Has Unique Requirements

When it comes to defining an effective SAM strategy, requirements will vary depending on the size, nature and capability of each particular organization. At one end of the spectrum, you may just be starting out on your SAM journey and need a guiding hand to help you through the process. On the other hand, you may have advanced processes or internal capabilities and simply require access to a more effective tool. Whatever your situation you need to be confident of finding the right level of services to match your requirements.

Quality of Service Is Essential

The quality of SAM Managed Services can vary considerably from provider-to-provider. Many so-called automated solutions are actually heavily dependent on manual processes and as a consequence vary according to the knowledge and experience of the aligned resources.


SAM Managed Services Tailored To Meet Your Needs

Certero recognizes that one single-set approach is not appropriate and has developed a solution that can be scaled and tailored to meet the specific requirements of your organization. 

We do not sell licenses, so you can rest easy knowing that you are working with a truly independent partner able to support you with any challenge for any vendor.

World Class Products, People and Processes

Certero is able to utilize its powerful technology, coupled with world-class services to provide structured services in line with ITIL best practice and ISO 19770. Certero has worked with many organizations of all shapes and sizes, right across the globe, advising on and implementing solutions that deliver value quickly and effectively.

Fully Flexible to Meet Your Specific Needs

Creating your bespoke SAM Managed Services is quick and easy, simply choose from a comprehensive range of service components, each of which has associated SLAs and KPIs. Popular Managed Service components include:

  • Certero Management Platform and Acquaintia reporting
  • Certero Product(s) (determined by project scope)
  • Upgrade Service
  • Education Service
  • Configuration and Inventory Management
  • Entitlement On-Boarding
  • SAM Maturity Assessment
  • Administration
  • Licensing Help Desk
  • Vendor Audit Response
  • Service Delivery Management
  • Access to Dedicated Consultancy
  • ELP Creation for specified vendors
  • Licensing Optimization
  • Cost Management and Reporting

Excellent Results Require Excellent Technology

Certero consultants only use Certero’s next generation technology which, in itself, is  highly automated and minimizes manual intervention. By default this delivers outstanding levels of consistency, quality and customer satisfaction. Other ITAM and SAM tool vendors struggle to offer this level of capability, experience or expertise due to the burden of legacy. Importantly our approach means we can give you full access to any underlying data. For example, inventory data in support of a desktop migration. Again, in our experience, other ITAM and SAM tool vendors or service providers struggle to offer such levels of access, capability, experience or expertise.

SaaS (Software as a Service)

Certero is able to provide the best of both ‘on-premise’ and ‘cloud’ worlds, with a combination of agent and agent-less inventory, or an enriched ‘hybrid’ SaaS delivery as required. This ensures flexibility without compromise, reduced complexity and therefore reduced cost. Certero’s Cloud SaaS solution is hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS) and provides industry-leading levels of performance, resilience and security.

TotalSAM: A Complete Packaged Managed Service

TotalSAM is perfect for organizations looking for non-tailored, packaged SAM Managed Services. Hosted in the Cloud and designed to deliver all the same benefits of having your own SAM practice, but at a fraction of the cost. A three year comprehensive service, covering three key vendors (excludes Oracle, IBM and SAP), all managed by Certero for one low fixed price. Find out more



Certero’s SAM Managed Services are tailored to meet your needs

The road to SAM maturity is a journey. When you choose Certero as your partner, you do so safe in the knowledge that you have a trusted travelling companion. Our goal is to actively help them increase your level of SAM Maturity, developing the internal skills necessary to ultimately become independently proficient and self-sufficient. Key benefits include:


Certero’s IT Hardware and Software Asset Management Suite allows you a single pane of glass view of your IT estate.


Maturity assessments to obtain clarity on where improvements may be needed through creation and ongoing management of continuous service improvement plans 


Managed service integration into your existing business processes.


Access to our experienced licensing subject matter experts for support on topics such as vendor audits and license migration evaluations. 


Minimize cost of software licensing and control software spending through early identification of commercial exposure and areas of over licensing. 


Specific input into your SAM strategy and/or SAM program.

SAM Managed Services Reduce Software License Over Subscription and Lowers Procurement Costs for King’s College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust.

“We have now reduced over-subscription of software licenses, and software is now only procured if there is a licensing shortfall. The results have been so effective we have now installed all of Certero’s solutions.”

Elvio Morcillo

ICT, King's College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

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