SAP Position Report & Optimization Service

Take Control of your SAP Licenses and Contracts with help from Certero’s Consultants and our advanced SAP License Management technology.

Challenge: How to get control of your SAP user license types before a contract renewal or a SLAW report submission?

SAP software is generally one of the top ten software vendors for spend in enterprises, and for many companies it is also their most strategic product. Whether you need to respond to an SAP request for a SLAW report or have an upcoming contract renewal, or you want to manage the cost of SAP or just right size the estate, it’s vital you establish and manage your SAP User accounts and the assigned License types. This requires the right combination of technology (like Certero for SAP Applications) and software asset management skills to interpret license exhibits, some of which could even be decades old with multiple upgrades or trade-ins.

Solution: Start with a SAP Position and Optimization Report

With Certero, you get the best of both worlds: advanced inventory, license management and reconciliation technologies matched with seasoned SAP licensing experts who know how to advise you on achieving your goals, whether they are focused on compliance or optimization.

Certero’s SAP Position and Optimization Service brings together the people, tools and processes to help you take control of your SAP ERP System. Our SAP consultants will assist you through the process of understanding what your current position is and where you could be.

+ Step 1: Discovery & Inventory

With the help of Certero technologies and consultants, we:

Make it easy to obtain in-depth understanding of your User Licenses, Roles, and Transactional Usage.

Present the data your way by building interactive graphical dashboards with information that is useful to you and your colleagues, manipulate data into fully exportable reports by using filters and multi-value searches and build email alerts to keep track of specific items.

Ensure accuracy as your data is always “live” with inventory schedules that run at a time and day you set, keeping your SAP inventory data refreshed and capturing the usage.

Certero for SAP Applications can store historical usage for a retention period to suit your needs, and enabling you to plot the trends over time.

+ Step 2: Clarity on License Entitlements

SAP Exhibits contain all the SAP license information and our consultants will work with you to consolidate your current entitlement position from the exhibits, special terms and contractual agreements, to gain a full understanding of your SAP estate. Our consultants will then ensure that Certero for SAP Applications has the entitlement loaded, including the relevant costs of the licenses and reconciling the historical exhibits and how changes have been made to the entitlement in the exhibits over time.

+ Step 3: Creating the SAP Position Report

Using the inventory data and license entitlement captured, our consultants work in the Certero for SAP Applications solution to create the Position Report. This will highlight potential areas of risk as well as opportunities for optimization.
With the help of Certero and consultants, we:

  • Ensure you are assigning SAP License types to your advantage by correctly applying the usage and other classifications to your inventory.
  • Provide you with a Position report and views within Certero for SAP Applications of both your currently assigned and a suggest license type position.
  • Support you in mitigating risks drawing on our considerable experience in practical ways to improve our SAP position. Assigning the correct License type for the Users based upon their Activity or Roles.
+ Step 4: Recommendations for Optimization

In addition to recognizing risks, our consultants will help you identify opportunities to right size the estate, reduce risk and right size the license estate. Recommendations are based on:

  • Options for User license types that may exist to deploy in a more cost-efficient manner.
  • SAP Role optimization.
  • Shelving Licenses and the best exhibits to utilise.
  • User Management opportunities within the SAP environment.
  • Processes improvements based on observations during the engagement.
  • Suggested vendor negotiation tactics if appropriate.

Talk to a Certero SAM expert about how we can help you find your SAP Effective License Position