Microsoft Effective License Position and Optimization Service

Professional Microsoft License Management with combined technology & services packages.  

Challenge: How to optimize licensing & minimize risks for your Microsoft software?

With hundreds of titles, on-premises and cloud delivery options have more incentives than ever, to push your computing into the Azure platform. Managing your total Microsoft spend is a growing challenge.

Gone are the days of relying on a simple Microsoft Licensing Statement or single Enterprise Agreement. Today your business will have multiple Microsoft spends managed by a diverse group of stakeholders, quite possibly with the majority of costs being incurred outside of the IT organization.

To deliver effective governance of your overall Microsoft licensing and spend, you need the skills and technologies to establish:

  • What Microsoft products are deployed
  • How they’re being used
  • Whether any software is outdated, redundant or poses a security risk
  • What your entitlement is
  • How consumption reconciles against entitlement
  • Where your opportunities for optimization can be found

Solution: Start with an Effective Licensing Position for Microsoft 

With Certero, you get the best of both worlds: advanced inventory, license management and reconciliation technologies matched with seasoned (and unbiased) Microsoft licensing experts who know how to advise you on achieving your goals, whether they are focused on compliance or optimization.

Because Certero does not sell licenses, you can have total faith that our license management experts have only your best interests at heart.

+ Step 1: Discovery & Inventory

With the help of Certero technologies and consultants, we:

Make it easy to obtain in-depth understanding of your entire Microsoft estate, pinpointing products, versions and edition that can be matched to your Microsoft License Statement (MLS) and other entitlement sources.

Present the data your way by building interactive graphical dashboards with information that is useful to you and your colleagues, manipulate data into fully exportable reports by using filters and multi-value searches and build email alerts to keep track of specific items.

Ensure accuracy: your data is always “live” with inventory schedules set to run at a time and day you set, keeping your inventory data refreshed and updating your environments.  This includes Microsoft Office 365 and cloud applications alongside on-premises deployments.

Trend your use of Microsoft applications over time, including tracking where Databases or virtual instances have moved.

+ Step 2: Clarity on License Entitlements

Certero’s ELP for Microsoft service will help you:

Consolidate and store all of your Microsoft entitlements including your MLS, order documents and maintenance renewals in one place.

Never miss a renewal by keeping track of upcoming renewals using email alerts and management dashboards.

+ Step 3: Creating the Microsoft Effective License Position

Using the inventory data and license entitlement captured, our consultants work in the Certero for Enterprise SAM solution to create your Microsoft Effective License Position, a true picture of your current software consumption versus entitlement. Certero’s unique dashboarding capabilities will allow you the end-user to create, view and share with your colleagues the business-critical information pulled from your ELP.

+ Step 4: Recommendations for Optimization

In addition to recognizing risks, our Microsoft licensing experts will help you identify opportunities to reduce costs, improve software availability or take advantage of changes in licensing schemes:

Re-harvest and re–deploy: using existing data and projected future deployment strategies we will help you to identify where licensing can be re-harvested or better deployed.

Optimize Microsoft deployments to reduce licensing requirements and spend while optimizing availability and efficiency

Analyze entitlement clauses and documentation to make sure you fully understand all the caveats and conditions of your Microsoft enterprise licensing.

Improve SAM processes to ensure ongoing value is driven from your Microsoft software estate and to manage and control it effectively.

Talk to a Certero SAM expert about how we can help you find your Microsoft Effective License Position