Adobe Effective License Position & Optimization Service

Take Control of your Adobe products and subscriptions with help from Certero’s Consultants and our advanced licensing technology.

Challenge: How to optimize licensing & minimize risks for your Adobe software?

Even though Adobe have moved nearly all of their products to subscription services there is still a need to review compliance and optimize; in some cases the mixture of perpetual and subscription licensing makes the process more daunting, as you need to have a full understanding of what is installed and where to make sure everything is licensed. In addition to this, as with all subscription services the challenge is no longer being compliant it being streamlined and only paying for what you need.

With this in mind you need a number of different skills and technologies to establish:

  • What Adobe products are deployed
  • Which installed Adobe products are Creative Cloud (CC) subscriptions
  • Allocation of Adobe CC subscriptions to users
  • Utilization data for both Perpetual and Subscription software
  • What is your entitlement for Perpetual Adobe software
  • Reconciliation of consumption against entitlement
  • Where your opportunities or optimization can be found

Solution: Create an Effective License Position and take control of Adobe Licensing

The journey starts with an Effective License Position (ELP) as this provides a line in the sand so you know where you are; from this point you can make informed decisions for optimization and importantly maintain the ELP dynamically within Certero so you now have control. Creating this first ELP is often the challenge and this is where our experienced Adobe Licensing experts come in; they can efficiently create your Adobe ELP using a tried and tested methodology leveraging the advanced inventory and license management technologies of the Certero Platform. 

Because Certero is not a licensing partner for Adobe, you can have total faith that our license management experts have only your best interests at heart. 

+ Step 1: Discovery & Inventory

With the help of Certero technologies and consultants, we: 

Make it easy to understand what Adobe software is installed across the estate including all of the version and edition information. 

Present the data your way by building interactive graphical dashboards with information that is useful to you and your colleagues, manipulate data into fully exportable reports by using filters and multi-value searches and build email alerts to keep track of specific items. 

Ensure accuracy: your data is always “live” with inventory schedules set to run at a time and day you set, keeping your inventory data refreshed and updating your environments.  Include Adobe CC applications alongside on-premises deployments for a single pane of glass view across Adobe licensing. 

+ Step 2: Clarity on License Entitlements

Certero’s ELP for Adobe service will: 

Reconcile all of your Adobe Entitlements, creating a central repository for all of your Adobe Entitlement information. 

Clear visibility of upcoming renewals using email alerts and management dashboards. 

+ Step 3: Creating the Adobe Effective License Position Report

Using the captured inventory and license entitlement data, our consultants work in the Certero for Enterprise SAM and Certero for Cloud solution to create your Adobe Effective License Position, a true picture of your current software consumption versus entitlement. 

    + Step 4: Recommendations for Optimization

    In addition to recognizing risks, our Adobe licensing experts will help you identify opportunities to reduce costs, improve software availability or take advantage of changes in licensing schemes: 

    Re-harvest and re–deploy: using existing data and projected future deployment strategies we will help you to identify where licensing can be re-harvested or better deployed. 

    Optimize Adobe deployments to reduce licensing requirements and spend while optimizing availability and efficiency. 

    Analyze entitlement clauses and documentation to make sure you fully understand all the caveats and conditions of your Adobe licensing. 

    Improve SAM processes to ensure ongoing value is driven from your Adobe software estate and to manage and control it effectively. 

      Talk to a Certero SAM expert about how we can help you find your Adobe Effective License Position