Why Choose Certero Software Asset Management Services

Fundamental for delivering the benefits of SAM

If you are looking to realize all the benefits of an advanced SAM program, you will need a combination of effective technology (in the form of a tool or tools) and process (in the form of services delivered either by internal or external resource).

Whether you want to develop your own internal capability and become self-sufficient, or have an outsourcing strategy using third-party service suppliers, the ultimate objective is the same: value for money delivery of:

  • Cost savings
  • Compliance
  • Licensing optimization
  • Improved control/management
  • Reduced risk
  • Better productivity
  • Enhanced decision making/planning.

A number of factors, including your underlying approach to SAM and associated level of maturity, will determine the type of service you require. But whatever your circumstance it is vital you find a trusted partner capable of supporting you at every stage of your SAM journey. You need a partner like Certero.

SAM Services from Certero

World-class services underpinned by world-class people, process and technology

Comprehensive services portfolio to cover all your needs

A partner who can only offer a limited range of services can hinder your position. Certero provides access to a comprehensive portfolio, able to cover any eventuality or requirement from Managed Services to point solutions such as:

Flexible delivery/deployment options

Any technology (i.e. tool) element associated with the delivery of SAM services has to be quick and easy to implement. Certero offers a range of flexible deployment options, covering on-prem, cloud, hybrid or appliance, ensuring alignment with your existing infrastructure strategy, thereby minimizing disruption and optimizing investment.

World-class people and process

Certero’s consultants possess the highest level of professionalism, skills, experience and innovation, combined with an on-going commitment to quality, continuous improvement and customer service excellence. To ensure industry best practice, Certero’s solutions and services are founded on ITIL practices and utilize best practice as standard.

Global coverage & support

With headquarters in the UK and hubs in Europe, North America and APAC, Certero supports large and small public sector and corporate organizations worldwide. Certero’s global reach enables a ‘follow the sun’ support capability. Our sales and technical staff are trained to the highest level, ensuring service and quality is second to none.

Completely vendor independent

We stand by our independence. We don’t re-sell licenses or carry out audit work on behalf of vendors. So when you select Certero as your service partner, you do so absolutely confident that there is no hidden agenda, conflict of interest or vendor allegiance.

Managed Services tailored to suit you

When it comes to a Managed Service, you need to be confident of finding the right level of service to match your requirements. Certero recognizes that a single set approach isn’t appropriate; accordingly we offer a fully flexible Managed Service, which can be scaled and tailored as necessary to match your specific circumstances and meet your objectives.

Underpinned by world-class technology

In our experience many SAM service providers are overly reliant on manual processes and/or use tools based on legacy technology which often takes longer to deliver results, is open to errors or inaccuracies and requires highly-skilled consultancy resource, the cost of which is passed directly on to you. Certero services are delivered using Certero’s industry-leading, highly-automated technology designed to reduce manual intervention. This ensures you get value for money services which deliver against objectives, quickly and accurately. And if your ultimate goal is to become self-sufficient, you can do so by continuing to use a proven, familiar, technology.

A true multi-tenancy user experience

If you’re planning to implement a SAM Managed Service, you should ensure your provider is able to offer a true multi-tenancy capability, giving you a high quality and consistent user experience. We have come across examples where multi-tenancy results in reduced functionality for end-users, such as restricted access to inventory data. Hosted solutions provisioned by Certero deliver exactly the same user experience and functionality as for standalone, on-prem.

The highest levels of quality & customer satisfaction

We believe our outstanding references and 100% customer satisfaction rating speak far louder than any marketing hype. Time and again we are proud to hear our customers say that “with Certero it’s just a better experience.”

Supporting your journey to self-reliance

If your ultimate objective is to become self-sufficient and reduce your reliance on third-party support, then you’ll need a services partner willing and able to help you and provide the necessary knowledge transfer to bring your staff up to speed as quickly and effectively as possible. Certero’s goal is to actively help our customers increase their level of SAM maturity, developing internal skills to ultimately become independently proficient.

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