Advisory and Due Diligence

Helping you make the right business and IT decisions, saving you money and minimizing risk



From time to time your organization will be faced with a strategic initiative where an inherent understanding of the underlying IT assets is vital to ensure a satisfactory outcome. In these circumstances it is crucial you have access to the right information and expertise to ensure risk is managed, existing investments are protected and additional cost is minimized.


Establish a position of knowledge and visibility

Identifying a clear starting position is absolutely vital before starting out on any operational or organizational change initiative. Answer the question: where do I currently stand?

Understand the impact

Answer the question: what is the potential impact of the strategic or operational change on my infrastructure and software licensing, highlighting resulting issues or opportunities.

Assess the available options

There will be a range of options available for addressing any potential issues. It is vital to ensure all options are identified and fully understood.

Make the right choice

Make the right choice, confident that it is based on sound knowledge and judgement.


Certero Advisory & Due Diligence Services

Certero advisory and due diligence services can be utilized to help you address many operational, organizational or strategic initiatives, including:

  • Mergers, acquisitions & divestitures
  • Business process outsourcing or managed service provision
  • Software migrations

Mergers, Acquisitions & Divestitures (MAD)

Software and hardware assets represent a significant investment. Hence a clear understanding of the value, nature and any risk associated with the ownership of these assets, is an important consideration during any MAD activity. It is also a well known fact that MAD activity is one of the key indicators software vendors look out for when seeking to identify targets for audit. So the consequences of failing to fully understand your compliance position can be significant.

With in-depth experience in identifying and managing all the complexities associated with IT asset compliance, our consultants can work with you to ensure risk and cost are kept to a minimum.

Software Migrations

Software migrations are now a necessary part of business life. Ensuring such activity causes minimal business disruption and downtime is essential in achieving a successful outcome. Usually significant time and resources are spent understanding the impact of the migration on the technical infrastructure, but the risk and commercial aspects of the effect on software licensing compliance is typically overlooked. This is a critical mistake which could have financial implications that can be greater than the planned benefits of the project.

Certero will help avoid this situation by working closely with you to ensure you fully understand any licensing implications and minimize any associated cost or compliance issues.

Business Process Outsourcing or Managed Service Provision

Receiving a major new service line – such as that brought about by business process outsourcing (BPO) or managed service provision (MSP) – into a business is a significant change event that can impact people, process, products and partners. Business change of this scale or nature requires a level of due diligence to ensure you will have clarity on what you will be responsible and accountable for, once contracts have been signed.

As part of due diligence you will need to focus on the tangible (IT hardware) and intangible (software) assets in the scope of the business change to provide a better understanding of the impact and any associated commercial implications.

Tailored Consultancy

Whatever your SAM challenge, Certero offers a highly tailored consultancy service that enables you to utilize the expertise of our independent, qualified and highly experienced SAM consultants to ensure you can achieve set objectives.

Whether you are new to SAM and need help defining your requirements, or are an expert that requires detailed and specific assistance with a particular problem or software vendor, we can help.

Service Approach

By their nature, advisory or due diligence engagements will vary on a case by case basis and as a consequence detailed scoping will be necessary to confirm requirements, service elements, timescales and associated deliverables. Typically an engagement will consist of one or more of the following elements:

  • Understand requirements and agree scope
  • Hardware and software inventory and discovery
  • Entitlement analysis and interpretation
  • Scenario planning
  • Risk and option assessment and associated commercial/compliance impact
  • Recommendations and execution



Certero consultants bring a wealth of knowledge and experience gained from helping organisations of all shapes and size, across multiple industries and disciplines.


Understanding implications of complex software licensing and contractual terms, thereby minimizing commercial and compliance risk.


Proven approach and methodology using Certero’s industry leading products where applicable.


Whatever your challenge, talk to Certero and we’ll be happy to help.