Microsoft licensing update – Secure productive enterprise offer

28 Nov 2016

A new Microsoft Licensing option was recently announced by the Redmond giant. This combines the latest technology across Windows, Office 365, Enterprise mobility and security.


A new SKU offers a licensing solution across enterprise security, productivity, analytics and voice solutions – Secure Productive Enterprise.

This addresses the increasing concerns felt by organizations over security:

  • In 2015 alone, 160 million customer records were compromised, costing businesses an average of $3M per breach.
  • The #1 obstacle to corporate IoT adoption through 2017 is considered to be security.
  • 5 million fraudulent login attempts are currently deflected by Microsoft each day for their consumer online services.
  • 89% of 2015 data breaches had a motive relating to theft or espionage.
  • Companies are expected to spend $202 billion a year on cybersecurity tools by 2021, up 66% from this year.


Secure Productive Enterprise (SPE)

The new SPE SKU, in addition to including Office 365, Windows, and EMS (for both E3 and E5 releases), also includes cutting edge cloud-based security technology including:

  • Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection for end point breach detection.
  • Microsoft Cloud App Security for getting control of the SaaS apps employees are using.
  • Azure Information Protection to ensure information stays secure.
  • Office 365 Advanced Security Management to give greater visibility and control over the Office 365 environment.

These security features and benefits are substantial and will help deliver greater value, security, and cost savings for customers who are concerned about the risks associated with Cloud computing.


Microsoft Licensing plans

Details of what is included in the SPE E3 and SPE E5 licensing options are outlined below.

Until March 2017 there is a special launch promotion running on SPE E5 that offers a 25% discounted rate.

For more information, visit the Microsoft Web site.

If you have any questions on your Microsoft licensing position and would like some advice please get in touch

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