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Mobile to Mainframe to Cloud
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Whatever your preference…we’ve got you covered

Cloud First,
Data First

“Software as a Service”

On-Premise First,
Data First


Trusted to provide
full functionality in the cloud

with no legacy
and no compromise

Organizations who want their IT hardware and/or software asset management solution to be provisioned as SaaS…

…also known as     Cloud first, data first

Certero are the only provider who can truly run their full portfolio of solutions (mobile to mainframe to cloud) as SaaS.

How? Because of our unique architectural advantage (we call the 4P’s) you no longer have to compromise with a SaaS solution. We have no legacy, enabling full functionality equaling any on-premise functionality/capability.

Next generation tools must provide
a single pane of glass view

Ours already does…

Gone are the days of logging into multiple systems to manage your IT hardware and software assets. Certero simply allows you to do everything from a single pane of glass.

Single Data Source

Data from Certero’s products is managed in a single source, out-of-the-box

Business Intelligence

Easily and intuitively interrogate your data, turning it into valuable knowledge

Single UI/Single UX

Powerful yet simple to use. Navigate around all Certero products with ease

From Mobile to Mainframe to Cloud, we’ve got it all covered

Plus all the Key Vendors