Zoom License Management and Optimization

Certero for Cloud’s Zoom solution gives you the visibility of Users, Teams, Groups, Channels, Users and subscription costs needed in order to help optimize your Zoom spend. 


Without visibility into the Zoom estate, it becomes very difficult to manage users, subscriptions and costs effectively. For example, when an employee leaves the organization, these subscriptions are often overlooked and not re-harvested, leading to the unnecessary purchase of new ones. With detailed visibility into the users’ activity and collaboration with the organizations Active Directory, you can easily discover unused subscriptions or those improperly assigned. 


Delivered in the cloud or on-premise, with out-of-the-box automation, a single source of granular data and advanced analytics, Certero for Cloud gives you single pane of glass visibility of your applications and full control over your cloud IT expenditure, making it the world’s most advanced and modern Cloud Asset Management solution. 

Certero for Cloud’s Zoom subscription management and optimization solution removes many of the problems associated with the administration of the license subscriptions. The solution gives you greater visibility into your subscribed users and their associated activity, the different Zoom organizations and their members, Zoom IM groups as well as Zoom groups all in one easy to manage location. 

Track Expenditure

View User Activity

Data-match with Active Directory

Increased security with improved visibility

Manage users assigned to groups or organizations 


Certero for Cloud’s Zoom subscription management and optimization solution gives you the visibility you need to control your subscribed Users, Organizations, IM Groups and Groups along with the associated subscription costs. 


Automate the gathering of users, organizations, IM groups, groups, subscriptions and costs all into one area 


Monitor usage activity and status of subscribed users 


Eliminate overspending on unused or improperly assigned subscriptions 


Monitor the enablement of encryption for user messages 


Complete overview of the Zoom user base 


Collaboration with Active Directory to have visibility into the Users username, department, title and location 

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