Wrike License Management and Optimization

Wrike license management and optimization solution from Certero gives you complete visibility of your domains, users, activities, licenses and costs.


Organizations are looking at alternative solutions to traditional and costly Project Management Tools and Wrike represents one of the leading alternatives in the Software as a Service (SaaS) space. Without tight control, however, organizations can easily find themselves wasting money. 

Below are some of the most commonly experienced areas where Wrike subscriptions cause waste:

Unused Subscriptions  

Continually paying subscriptions for users who are not logging on. 

Subscriptions for Leavers 

Continually paying subscriptions for users who have left the organization. 



Wrong Subscription Band 

Paying for the wrong subscription band and not using functionality available at that subscription band. 

Uninformed Decisions 

Not purchasing licensing in bulk to ensure you can negotiate the best deal for your organization. 


Certero for Cloud’s Wrike solution gives you an easy to set up method to quickly ascertain your actual usage of Wrike subscriptions and to identify any waste. 

  • Determine whether you have accounts for users who are not using Wrike. 
  • Identify users who have accounts still but who have left your organization. 
  • Automate reporting on usage through setting up alerts as new users are created with Wrike. 
  • Analyze your usage to see if you are best exploiting the functionality which comes with the different subscription levels. 

  • Look holistically at your Wrike expenditure and determine how you can best negotiate with Wrike. 

Identify inactive users

Improve starters and leavers process

Automate reporting on usage

Analyze and optimize subscription levels

Analyze Wrike expenditure and determine how you can negotiate with Wrike


Certero for Cloud’s Wrike license management and optimisation solution gives you the power and control you need over your Cloud expenditure. 


Easy setup of the connector to Wrike to obtain key data. 


Efficiently validate your Wrike charges and identify where usage might be leading to waste. 


Light touch management of your Wrike subscriptions such as alerting if new users are added to Wrike. 


Easily analyze whether you are exploiting functionality which is available to you. 


Identify whether you might move to a different subscription band with further functionality. 


Quickly identify your costs and establish how to strike the best deal with Wrike. 

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