Okta License Management and Optimization

Certero’s Okta solution gives you visibility of your users, user activity, groups and memberships and Okta-integrated applications.


As organizations migrate to the cloud, many believe the days of license management are behind them; after all, you cannot be non-compliant with SaaS applications, right? However, while enterprises may not have to worry about license compliance anymore, cloud subscriptions still need to be managed. Neglecting this responsibility can lead to unnecessary costs.

In business, staff account deprovisioning processes can be poorly managed resulting in the logon accounts of former employees remaining enabled and SaaS subscriptions needlessly remaining assigned. As well as the obvious security implications here, subscriptions assigned to inactive users provide no value but may be incurring avoidable costs. Alternatively, inactive accounts consuming subscriptions from a pool means that the number of free licenses in the pool will be lower than it really is; meaning two things: firstly, you might think you need to buy more licenses for the pool when, in fact, you have unused subscriptions assigned to inactive users; and secondly, when it comes time to renegotiate an agreement you won’t know the actual number of subscriptions to support cost-effective decision-making.

The challenge is having the visibility, data and reporting to reduce wastage.


Certero for Cloud’s Okta solution tracks your users’ activity and correlates users to their Active Directory account. This data and data-matching finds inactive users whose subscriptions are wasted and whose subscription consumption is artificially inflating subscription pool consumption. Certero for Cloud’s Okta solution also provides visibility of user assignment of your Okta-integrated applications, meaning not only can you deprovision Okta subscriptions for inactive users, but you can identify the subscriptions to be reclaimed in other SaaS applications, magnifying the benefit.

Certero for Cloud’s Okta solution finds process gaps, supports an accurate view of actual subscription requirements and promotes costs control through SaaS subscription hygiene.


Identify Inactive Users

Quantify Wastage

Optimize SaaS Subscriptions

Improve Staff Deprovisioning Process

Improve Security

Data-match with Active Directory

Visibility of Integrated Apps and User Mapping

View Okta Groups and Memberships


Certero for Cloud’s Okta solution gives you visibility and control to achieve real cost savings through subscription optimization.


Single pane of glass visibility of multiple SaaS applications


 Reduce costs incurred by wasted subscriptions


Find and remediate gaps in staff offboarding HR process


Data-match Okta users with Active Directory


Conduct informed agreement negotiations


Re-assign dormant subscriptions instead of buying more


 Eliminate overspend


Identify inactive subscriptions based on Okta and Active Directory data

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