Dropbox License Management and Optimization

Dropbox license management and optimization solution from Certero gives you complete visibility of your domains, users, activities, storage and costs.


Without visibility of the Dropbox estate, covering users, usage, costs, storage availability and consumption, effectively managing the platform is almost impossible. For example, with no visibility of users and their subscriptions, when employees leave the organization their subscription is typically not re-harvested, which leads to the unnecessary purchase of new ones. Over time, this causes Dropbox costs to spiral out of control as enterprises begin to collect unused subscriptions and costs. 

While this example has direct cost implications, the general management of users, activities and usage is equally challenging. In almost all cases, the problems experienced by organizations stem from a lack of visibility across the Dropbox estate. 


Delivered in the cloud or on-premise, with out-of-the-box automation, a single source of granular data and advanced analytics, Certero for Cloud gives you single pane of glass visibility of your applications and full control over your cloud IT expenditure, making it the world’s most advanced and modern Cloud Asset Management solution. 

Certero for Cloud’s Dropbox subscription management and optimization solution removes all of the problems associated with administering the platform, by giving you greater visibility of your domains, users, activities, subscriptions and costs all in one easy to manage location. 


Track Expenditure

Identify Available Subscriptions

Track Storage Usage


Certero for Cloud’s Dropbox license management and optimization solution gives you the visibility you need to control your domains, users, activities, licenses and costs. 


Automate the consolidation of groups, users, activities, subscriptions, devices and costs data into one area 


Monitor login activity and status of users 


Complete overview of the Dropbox user-base 


Eliminate overspending on unused subscriptions 


Track storage consumption per user 


Manage all cloud applications usingCertero for Cloud, on the Certero Platform 

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